October 10, 1990

peace be with you, child; allow Me to use your hand; it is I, your Jesus; it is Love who speaks to you and asks you …

O come and invade me!

ah My Vassula, I shall then fill you … hear Me and write My message for the entire world;

peace be with you; Love is speaking; Love is offering; Love is healing, even injuries that appeared to be beyond healing; Love is consoling those who are not cared for; My Love for you is eternal and I am known to be constant in My affection;

approach … come close to Me, by praying with your heart; I am offering you a place in My school, I am offering you Wisdom to teach you My Knowledge; blessed are they who humbly accept My Instructions and lay My Words to heart;

hear Me, My beloved; Scripture says: “the language of My Cross may be illogical to those who are not on the way to salvation, but those of you who are on the way see it as God’s power to save” 1 and it is this Language I am coming to teach you, it is this Language of Love you will hear in My school; and you, you who are willing to learn, be blessed, be strong and happy; though obstacles are bound to come, do not fear, rely on Me; but alas for the one who provides them, he shall have to answer Me in the Day of Judgement!

My Return is imminent, and I am giving you constant signs to prepare you; Love is on the Path of return, I am on My way back to you;

– tell Me, when a king enters into a city, will there be no preparations to receive him? the whole city will be in turmoil and the king will send before him his elect and his imperial court to prepare a way for him and make his paths straight; he will send his messengers to announce his coming; he will ask them to shout with a loud voice: “here is your King, your King is coming with His Heart in His Hand to offer It to you! Mercy now leans down from heaven and from His Throne; He has taken pity on you;”

this is why, before My Return, I am sending you, before Me, the Ark of Alliance, I am sending you the Woman of the Apocalypse, the second Eve, who will crush the serpent’s head with her heel; I am sending you, before Me: My Mother, to open a broad highway and level it in this desert; I am sending you the Queen of Heaven, the Door to Heaven, to prepare you, and to school all you who still lie in the dust, to come forward and make your peace with Me, your King, before My Great Return; I am sending you the Queen of Peace to thresh from one corner of the earth to the other and gather you one by one;

I am sending you, before My Great Return, My servants the prophets, to remind you of My Law and to turn you back from your evil ways and live holy, and announce to you events before they take place;

I am sending you My angels to remind you of My Holiness, My Magnificence and My Splendour; I am sending you My mouthpieces to shout and proclaim on the rooftops of your houses the Wedding of My Holy Spirit; I will not grow weary of calling you to wed Me; I will not get discouraged by your hostility nor by your aridity;

I will be in pursuit of your heart and like a young man marrying a virgin, the One whom you wounded all along will wed you; and I, in My Love, shall make you replace the Thorns encircling My Heart, by a flowered Wreath; and like a bridegroom wearing his wedding wreath, I too shall wear it, because this wreath will be My Wreath of Victory; this will be the Prize of My Mercy …

generation, I shall make you Mine; I shall lift you up and carry you as a bridegroom carries his bride into his rooms, and in My everlasting Love I shall carry you into My Sacred Heart and make you Mine for eternity;

soon, very soon now I shall tear the heavens open and come down in full force! if you were to understand fully what I mean, you would not spend your time being lethargic, you would be in constant prayer to Me; for suddenly and as quick as thunderbolt, I shall descend in flame of devouring fire and unveil all that has been hidden from you; I shall with My Finger point out to you all those that honoured Me with lip-service, never serving Me with the language I had taught them: the Language of My Cross, the Language of Love, the Language that teaches you things beyond human understanding;

I shall reveal to you the Cains, whose language is not My Language but this one of rich merchants and trade; pray for these Cains; do not judge them, spend your time with prayers for them, do not allow your tongue to slip;

– do not be one of these who say to My seers: “see no visions” and to My prophets: “do not prophesy”; let My Imperial Court prepare for Me My Way; no prophecy ever came from man’s initiative; when My seers and prophets speak for Me, it is by Grace that they do and by My Holy Spirit that fills them, moves them and opens their mouth to repeat My Words; and I shall continue recalling you the Truth, by my mouthpieces, even if you know the Truth; I shall keep revealing My plans to My servants the prophets and show My Magnificence in visions to My seers; leave My elect and My predilected souls free to prepare the Way for Me your King; let them complete their witnessing;

I am sending you My Celestial Court to prophesy for these end of Times in the wilderness of your era, to convert you before My Great Day comes; realise that I do not descend only for Mercy but also for Judgement; I do not tell My messengers to call only the just, I tell them to call also the unjust, the poor, the lame, the rejects of your society, and everyone they meet in the streets, to come and fill up My school; I want to call all those who never sought Me nor ever knew Me, to come and prosper in My House, for these are the Times of Mercy and of Grace;

then let all those who see you, gaze and stare at your transfiguration, let it show on your faces and by the glow of your heart that you have been attending My School and that you are My pupils and I, your Master; let them see in your eyes the reflection of everything you have witnessed, let them see on your body the marks of My Wounds; and if anyone asks you how you received them, tell them that you received them in the House of your Master’s friends where He at first received them … then lift up your cross and follow Me;

I, Jesus Christ, Beloved Son of God and Saviour, blow My Breath on you and bless you all leaving the Sigh of My Love on your foreheads; go in peace and be one in My Name;

(Message of our Blessed Mother.)

peace be with you; incense of God, take courage for I am with you; I am with you and with My innumerable angels I surround you, to protect you; I come down with the saints to guide you;

I am the Queen of Heaven; I am the Queen of Peace; I am the Mother of your Saviour; I am the One who precedes the Lord’s coming; I am the One who opened a broad highway for your Redeemer to descend on earth, and today again, the Most High is sending Me to make smooth and level a Path for His Return;

although Satan uses men to delay My Work and put obstacles in its midst, do not fear; the Lord is Almighty and in the end Our Hearts will prevail; rely on His massive Strength for He can uproot mountains and melt the rocks; nothing can stop His Powerful Hand;

– what do you see above you? look above your heads what the Lord is raising; the Lord is raising over you the Banner of His Great Love and Mercy; He is coming to restore you with His caresses and feed you with delights; He is coming to fragrance you with His delicate perfume of Myrrh; He is coming to soothe your wounds with His balm of Tenderness; He is coming down to pour out His oil on you generation and anoint you; the King will bring you into His Rooms to console you and wipe away your tears; like the pupil of His Eye He is watching over you; and you, would you in your turn return His Love? offer Him your heart and your will;

– many of you have forgotten God’s ways, you have been drifted away, like taken by a current in a lake, into a pool of lethargy; polluted with materialism, your course changed direction and from holiness and the rightful Path you have been led right into the devil’s nets and into the lion’s mouth! you have not followed the marks of the Precious Blood Jesus left behind Him as a signpost for you to follow; no, you have followed the polluted directions Satan put up for you; directions leading all to the desert where there would be no one to care for your sores, and no one to console you; and where you would die;

your generation failed to appreciate God’s great Love; this is why your lands are set aflame by egoism, by godlessness and by the fury of Satan; and still to this day his hand is raised to strike you and set aflame all the nations; because of your atheism and your perversity you have wrapped yourselves in the shroud of death; you have wrapped your beloved ones in a cloud of flint; I call in agony from above, to you all to make peace with God, to reconcile with your families;

when you come and pray in pilgrimages do you come with a clean heart? have you ceased to do evil? are you in peace with your neighbour? have you confessed and repented truly of your sins? have you blessed your enemies and forgiven them? have you repaid evil with love? are you indeed ready to meet the Lord with your hands full of good works?

– bless those who persecute you, and pray for them, do not judge them; keep on praying, for what use are your offerings when your heart is unforgiving, holding grudges? where is your holiness then? purify yourselves and live in the Light of God and in the Love of God; be a true witness of the Gospel by the warmth and glow of light in your heart; be a witness for Jesus by bearing His Cross with Him; be a witness for the Church by being constant in your faith and by being united with Christ’s Vicar; never allow your tongues to slip; be perfect as the Lord is perfect; let it show that you are indeed the first-fruits of God’s great Love; let every eye witness your good behaviour and know that it is because you are children of the Most High; let the marks of His Five Wounds be noticed on your body too, let these be the Sign to show you are His pupils and He, your Divine Master; live Our Messages and be like grains to spread them; let your cry of love go out through all the earth and to the ends of the world;

I bless each one of you, and I thank you for giving Me your time; go in peace;