April 8, 1991

My Lord?

I Am; little one, peace be with you, love Me and cling to Me, for you have not seen the last of Me; 1

I’m pleased and relieved!

I shall not allow your strength to crumble, I shall give you My Food as I always did; flower, My Message this time is a prayer for all nations, a prayer for unity, come, write:

“Praised be the Lord,
for the Celestial Food2 you are giving us,
and this is to fulfil Scriptures
and to complete Your Work,
You have given Your Knowledge
to mere children and not to the learned,
for this is what pleases You, Lord;

“Praised be the Lord,
to have laid open roads
so that Your people walk in them
and come to You and fill Your House,
for though You have sent Your Son into the world
and the world plainly saw the Light,
they have not all accepted the Light
but turned instead towards darkness, falling in apostasy;
the world has apostatised
because they have refused the Truth
and preferred to live under a Lie;

“yes, Lord,
You so much love the world
that You are today, in spite of our wickedness,
sending us without reserve Your Holy Spirit
to enliven us and revive the world
renewing every creature,
so that everyone sees Your Glory
and believes and thus be converted;

“Praised be the Lord,
for opening the doors to Heaven
to pour out from Your Reserves
this Hidden Manna3 reserved for our Times;
no, it was not Moses who gave bread from Heaven,
it was You, Father, who fed the True Bread,
and as Your Son, Jesus Christ,
is the Bread of Life,
the Holy Spirit too nourishes us,
for all Bread that descends from Heaven is Life;

“it is written in Scriptures:
they will all be taught by God, 4
and flesh and bone cannot reveal the Truth
unless the Truth is given
by the very One who established the Truth
and imprinted It into our hearts;

“Father, may Your Name
be praised always and glorified again;
let the world pass from Darkness to Light,
from Lie to the complete Truth,
from Lethargy to Fervour;

“Father, Creator of Heaven and Earth,
the hour has come to show us
the New Heavens and the New Earth
where Your Holy Spirit will make His Home in us;
most Tender Father,
as You glorified Your Son
and Your Son glorified You,
let Your Holy Spirit of Truth glorify again Your Son;

“in a short time, Father,
according to Scriptures,
the first heaven and the first earth shall disappear soon,
to prove to the world
that Your Word is something Alive and Active
and that Jesus has indeed conquered the world;
when that day comes,
Your Son’s prayer to You will be also fulfilled,
for we shall all be one in You
as the Holy Trinity is One and the same;
we shall not differentiate ourselves
under Your Name anymore;

“Praised be the Lord
and Glory to the Highest
for sending us, in our great apostasy
Our Holy Mother,
whose Heart You Yourself united in Love with Jesus
and who suffered Together;
and it is Together again,
that the Two Sacred Hearts will renew us
and bring us back to Life and in You;

“lost sheep will be found,
wandering lambs shall be reminded
of their true fold and their True Shepherd,
this Shepherd who neither deserts His flock
nor abandons the lost,
but heals the wounded and supports the weary;

“Praised be the Lord
in whose Holy Spirit we receive baptism,
indeed, Fountains of Living Water flow out
and are given to the man who is thirsty,
since they flow out freely from Your Holy Sanctuary, 5
this Sanctuary which You raised in three days,
and from Your fullness we are receiving in these last days
the Graces of Your Holy Spirit to revive us,
for this is Your Manna from Heaven,
the Spiritual Food coming from the Spirit;

“let Your people, Father,
realise that the ban soon will be lifted
and that the Lamb’s and Your Throne
will soon be in Its place and among us;
prepare us, therefore, Righteous Father,
for this Glorious Day,
when we can praise You and glorify You
all around One Holy Tabernacle;

I thank You for hearing my prayer
and for having given me Your Words
to indicate to the world
the Riches of Your Sacred Heart,

come now, daughter, come now, little friend, do not stop loving Me; words of encouragement you will always hear from Me; so be confident and trust Me;

1 Jesus means in this way, interiorly, and hearing Him in locutions.

2 Spiritual food.

5 Jesus’ Chest (Body).