April 12, 1997

My peace I give you, Vassula; come and hear your Holy Mother: the Word of the Almighty has indeed been addressed to you; come now, you whom God’s message was entrusted; come and write this:

“Christos Annesti!” Alithos Annesti! 1

yes, Christ is risen, and this is what God wants you to say to everyone; declare to this dying world that My Son has indeed resurrected; preach a resurrected Christ, My angel, because many in your generation do not acknowledge this truth because of their rationalism; have you not read: “these same people boast of their worldly achievements, thinking they have everything they want and that they are in glory while possessing the worldly kingdoms;” they are filled with their own importance instead of the fullness of the triune God;

this is why the earth is in a turmoil and so much innocent blood is shed; but these are also the signs of the times; Satan and his dark dominion are spitting out on the earth their vomit, bringing afflictions into families and divisions too; they are raising false prophets around the world producing signs and portents as well, but this is so that the elect too may fall in their treachery; those false prophets are being poured on you like rain, bringing so much mischief and so much confusion, My poor children …. words and false oaths fill their mouths and their prophecies are like poisonous weeds that thrive now in the furrows of the Lord’s field; their roots are spreading to bring forth new poisonous weeds;

the danger signals echo in your ears, My children, but you do not seem to understand or discern those signals; they search for the wind that will carry their voices higher than King Solomon’s, the prophet Elijah’s or Moses’, declaring themselves stupendously greater, 2 by crowning themselves and asking themselves: “is it not wonderful to have so much power?” be warned, lest you be deceived and may God endow your hearts with discernment, so that His Glory given before your eyes, draws you into the Truth;

1 In Greek: Christ has risen. The response: “Truly He has risen”. Greeting used usually for 40 days after the celebration of the Resurrection Day in Easter.
2 Our Blessed Mother is giving us a warning for those that declare themselves greater than Solomon, or those who go around saying that they are Elijah or Moses, or Enoch. Then there are the other souls in total illusion dragging many to read their illusions, and follow them.