August 15, 1988

(Feast of the Assumption)

Lord Jesus, may You be blessed.

I, the Lord, bless you; My Sacred Heart is labouring with pain, filled with thorns I seek relief and comfort from all those who love Me, bless Me and seek Me; I turn and reach My little souls for in their littleness I find My rest; I find My comfort;

Ah, Jesus, it’s so painful to feel You in such pain!

pray for those souls who need to be saved; pray to Me for My Name is: He-Who-Saves; the hours are fleeing, the days of reckoning have begun; the days of reprisals are here; the iniquity of this generation is so great and the apostasy so grave that both of Our Hearts have been pierced through and through by their injustice and their flagrant offences;

I beg you to return to Me and turn to Me and I will forgive you! hold fast to Love and I will shower you with blessings; be just to each other and kind with one another; love one another, become children of My Light; understand how so many catastrophes are drawn upon you; they are drawn by the evil that has accumulated in your soul; return to Me and let My Blood purify you;

(Later on:)

I am your Holy Mother; My children, return to God; I beg you to come back and God will forgive you; His Mercy descends upon you like dew, creation, and as flowers you will open and absorb His Light; I am calling you, I am encouraging you, but how many know of Our Calls? how many believe in these Calls? My Heart pains to say that only a handful of you trust those Calls; this generation’s heart has turned into granite; blinded by Rationalism they have forgotten God’s Ways, they have forgotten God’s Wonders, they have forgotten that He is Omnipotent and full of Mercy; never has God’s creation fallen so low, not even in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah; your apathy has pierced Eternity, your lack of faith is condemning you; your relentless persecutions on My Apparitions and on those whom God blessed, giving them His Messages, are going to be one cause of your fall;

I, your Holy Mother, Mother of your Saviour, appeal and beg you to repent and change; come back to Us, live holy, live holy under God’s Eyes, be prepared to face Him with your hands full of good acts and in purity;

(After going out of the Church today and going down many steps it felt as if I was walking in a rose-garden; not one flower was around, only cement.)

(Later on:)

I have showered you with My Scent; I wanted you to feel My Presence; I wished to remind you by this favour I have given you how dear you are to Us, child; I am your Holy Mother and I am happy to have you near Us again; beloved, I bless you and your whole family;

Holy Mother, thank You for everything. I bless You.


Yes, Jesus.

call your Holy Mother, Mama, from now on; be intimate with Her as you are with Me; we, us, remember My teachings;

Yes, Lord.

I, the Lord, bless all of you;