August 19, 1988

I just want to tell You
how much I love You
and I want to thank You Lord
for all that You have done
and are still doing to me.
I will never ever be able to repay You
for all these graces.


I am;

flower, lean on Me, I will give even to the most wretched ones; I am an Abyss of Mercy, but to My sorrow, many of you have forgotten how I really am; I am not a God of predilection, I am Just; and I give even to the most wicked of you;

rebound My Sacred Heart with joy! give Me your love and even if sometimes it’s tepid, I will accept it; give Me your love and I will perfect it in My Divinity; come to Me like now, without self-interests, and offer Me your love; do not wait to be perfect to offer Me your love, do not wait to become a saint to offer Me your love; come as you are, with all your defects, and in My Purity I will transform your love into pure love, reflecting it from above on you; little soul, I will embellish everything you offer Me, so come to Me as you are, offering Me your love, this love that is missing among so many!

soul! if you only knew how many souls suffer now in purgatory … deliver them from purgatory to be able to come to Me; they are craving to be with Me, but they are unable to, because of the blemishes on their soul; deliver them by prayers and by sacrifices; deliver them by loving Me, by adoring Me; deliver them by chaining yourself to Me and My Cross; deliver them by acts of love; deliver them by sharing My sufferings; Vassula, these souls languish for Me and to be united to Me again and forever, but they must purify themselves first before being in My Presence;

Lord, You said: “and be united to me again…” Have they been with You after their death for sometime?

I have delivered their soul from their body, I have shown them My Holy Face for just an instant, and at that very instant, their eyes, unveiled, facing Me in My Purity and in My Light, immediately saw The Truth face to face and realised how blemished their soul is from sin; and, in spite of their burning desire to fall in My open arms1 and follow Me, they understand that this is impossible before cleaning their soul; so with a piercing pain of sorrow, they fall back and prepare themselves to be purified; this hurts and burns them beyond words, because they cannot see Me, My absence is burning them, and the cause of their greatest suffering in purgatory is My Absence; they also undergo other sorts of sufferings, with fire, depending their sins;

prepare your soul, creation, in advance, do not wait for death to overshadow you; keep your soul clean and without blemish; feed yourselves with My Body, and drink My Blood as often as you can; repent often, be prepared for this day; be on fast, fasting helps you; listen to My Voice and prepare your soul as if our meeting would be for this very day; do not wait, waiting is sleeping, waiting is to leave your lanterns without oil; be prepared to meet your Saviour;

I love you all to folly, realise that out of My Fathomless Mercy, I want to prepare you all;

(Later on:)

(St. Mary.)


have My Peace;

I am your Ma; yes, 2 My Vassula, I have; My tears saved your child and My pleas to the Father; love the Father, for He is most Compassionate;

What can I say? To thank You is not enough. Everything I say or do will not be enough!

My child, abandon yourself to Him; surrender often; this pleases God enormously; be confident, for you are in His Hands; I will give you My Peace; glorify God by obeying Him;

I bless You, Mother.

I bless you and your family;

(Later on, after this emotion:)

Vassula, I wish to tell you that soon, many things predicted by Me at Fatima will come to their realisation; I am full of Graces, and I am willing to pour them on My children from this year; the time is near and because of this short time left, I, your Holy Mother, will be nearer to you than it has ever been known; I will pour on many of you My Graces, to embellish you and draw you closer to Jesus, who is suffering enormously;

ah daughter … a thorn is always plucked from Our Hearts every time a soul returns to Us! a thorn is always plucked and replaced by a flower each time someone cries out to Us: “I love you!”;

peace be upon you daughter;

We, us.

yes; we, us;

1 Proving that God does not put a lock from His side; the hindrance is from our side.
2 St. Mary told me something concerning my eldest son. Our Mother made me understand that it was because of Her, out of Her pleas to Our Father, that my eldest son had survived his illness. This was thirteen years ago. This made me very emotional, and disturbed me very much.