March 3, 1989

(Mary’s message for the reunion.)

peace be with you, My beloved ones; today I am asking you to persevere with Love;

I want to encourage you all; glorify God by keeping faithful to Him; devote yourselves entirely to God; let this flame that is flickering now, revive and become a Living Torch for every eye to see; be firm in your faith and open your hearts entirely to the Lord and receive Him with joy; praise the Lord for sending you His Merciful Calls;

do not expect any new revelation; His Calls are only a reminder of the Divine Truth, a reminder of how to live holy, a reminder that God is Love; God is reminding you of the Fundamental Truths; so fill your minds with everything that is true and pure; do not leave an empty space inside you lest the Tempter comes and deceives you; so fill yourselves with the Divine Love of God, for you were created to love;

pray for Peace, pray for the conversion of your brethren, pray for a greater love among you; I am beside you to help you and I will intercede for you, so do not hesitate and come to Me; I am your Mother who will always help you;

come to the Lord with love and He will fill you with His Peace; ask with love and you will receive; pray with love and you will be heard;

have My Peace, remember to live Our Messages; I bless you all in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, amen;

(Messages for Biarritz in France. These messages were given to me now, to be read there during the Holy Week.)

peace be with you all;

I am the Lord, beloved ones, to you I come through My servant and through her I will speak; ah, My beloved, I give My Peace to this house; come, come and listen to Me now; I am your God and your Creator who breathed into you Life; I have sanctified you with love, I am the Source of Sublime Love and I have created you out of Love to love Me your God; souls! you belong to Me, you are My seed;

I desire you to understand fully My Words; believe in My Holy Works, believe in My Infinite Love and My Superabundant Mercy, believe in Me; I descend out of Mercy to revive you, to arise you from this Lethargy that has now covered your eyes like a veil; I am Jesus and Jesus means Saviour;

how could I see you wandering away into deeper depths of obscurity and not rush to your rescue? I, who am the Lord, the Holy of Holies, and Who is surrounded by innumerable angels of each order, prostrated before Me, worshipping Me without ceasing, I left My Glory and My Celestial Throne, to descend to you, and save you from the eternal fire; I left Heaven, My Kingdom, to come in your Wilderness and your Desolation in this earth; yes, I left My Throne encircled by cherubims, to come and be born in poverty to deliver you; I, the Sovereign, that the Heavens praise from all Eternity, accepted to be humiliated by men, offering My back for scourging; I allowed them to crown Me with a crown of thorns, I allowed them to mock Me, and to spit on My Holy Face; I have allowed them to crucify Me, all out of Love for you;

O children of The Crucified! how could you forget all that I have done for you? Wisdom had descended to be taken by force and by law, I was despised and rejected by men to bear your sufferings, I was nailed to the Wood to free you, I allowed them to pierce Me, and deliver you; I accepted a most painful death, so that your soul may live and be able to share My Kingdom; I let My Blood run out into Rivers, so that you may obtain Eternal Life; for your sake, I allowed Myself to be taken for a sinner;

today My Wounds are re-opened because of the iniquity of this generation; I am for countless hours calling you to conversion: return to Me! I love you with an everlasting Love! come and make Peace with Me; I shall not punish you, I shall liberate you; I shall not call you Godless anymore, you will be called My-Own; you are not fatherless, you have a Father already in Heaven, a Father most Tender; all I ask from you is a recognition; return to Me and I shall espouse you to Myself forever; I will crown you with Integrity, with Loyalty, with Purity, and with great Tenderness I will teach you to be faithful to Me, capturing your love which I will place in My Heart, to embellish it; like a Spouse, I will adorn you with My Love and My Peace;

beloved ones, do not fear Me; O come! come to Me, fall into Love’s Arms, I shall not reprimand you; I am here to forget and forgive; do not be so willing to fall into Satan’s traps, open your eyes and see, open your ears and hear My Cry from above, open your heart and understand that it is I, Jesus, who calls you; I have created your soul to live forever, will you meditate upon this?

I am Holy, happy are those souls garbed in holiness, for the Gates of Heaven shall not resist them; but woe to these souls who have not washed themselves clean, but are filled with stains; these will not be able to enter into My Kingdom; convert yourselves and follow My Way by hearing My Merciful Call; meditate on My Message, live My Message;

I, the Lord Jesus Christ, love all of you, with all My Heart I love you;
I bless each one of you;

(The following message is also given for Biarritz (France) by Our Holy Mother:)

praise the Lord! bless the Lord!

children, listen to the Words of Wisdom, never deny the Lord, seek the Truth, and do not resist the Truth; ask yourselves this: “why has the Lord announced Himself to us?” beloved, the Lord has come to you out of Love and Pity, for today so many have gone astray, without realising where they are heading to; your era is dead and Jesus seeks your soul to revive it again; allow your hearts to open, allow the Lord to enter your hearts, how else would He heal you?

I am your Holy Mother, who weeps day and night over your strayed souls; the Lord gives you innumerable Signs all around the earth, to warn you, you are living in the end of Times; children, come back to Us, hear Our Calls;

pray to Me and I shall intercede for you; come and pray with Love; I am, even though you do not see Me, always with you, your step close to Mine; beloved, We are always Present, please the Lord in remembering His Presence;

I bless you all, in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, amen;

(The Lord instructed me to read for them from Scriptures: 2 Tm. 3:1-17.)


I am; feel My Presence; Love loves you; I will prepare always your way in all those meetings;

allow My Spirit to breathe in you; I will teach you to be willing, I will teach you not to rise, I will teach you to stay small; My Spirit is upon you; I desire love, love to efface injustice, love to repair the damage inflicted upon My Church, love to feed My starved lambs, love to repay evil, love to quench My insatiable thirst; O My child! tremendous reparations have to be done! tremendous reparations have to be done, but you are so few who are sincere and repair, you are only a handful now; a remnant of My creation are sincere; so many who follow My Signs are attracted only by the sensational and nothing more! you are even seeing1 those souls;

My Signs are not given to you to make a sensation on this earth; I solemnly ask all those who are after the sensational to come to Me humbly and pray; come to Me without seeking for miracles, signs and wonders, come to Me with prayers, be holy, repent and go on fast, instead of filling your soul with vain illusions, then, because I do not satisfy your spirit, you turn your backs to Me altogether … where is the Spirit with which I endowed you? let your heart keep My principles;

lower your eyes before Me, kneel in My Holy Presence and repent of your wickedness; I, the Lord, will exalt the lowly; come to Me to hear My Voice, come and discover Wisdom humbly and sincerely; My Sacred Heart takes no delight on those who seek the sensational nor on those who affirm to do good, but come out of curiosity, how little will they learn!

My child, although you are incapable to understand fully My Wisdom, I have been, and I am, your only Teacher; I am progressing you, step by step, I am educating you in the Ways of Wisdom; I am guiding you in the paths of virtue; do not seek to turn to your left nor to your right, cling to all that I have given you;

My child, I offer you My Peace, will you kiss your Lord’s Feet?

Yes, Lord.

come, I am Present;

1 I recognise those who only go after the sensation.