March 26, 1989

(After my visit to Garabandal)

I had asked you to sanctify Garabandal; I have lifted you there and now you have done it;

remember, My Ways are not your ways, I have taught you to abandon yourself entirely to Me, to leave space for My Spirit to breathe in you, see? I will never forsake you, ever; I mean to use you till the end, accomplishing your mission; allow My Finger to rest on you, thus letting your God’s desires be engraved on you;

My rose, I love you; by coming to Me in this way you are keeping My precepts, you are offering Me your will; have Me as first, never counting the time you spend with Me; desire always to be in constant link with Me, I am your Life; being attached to Me, favours you; I will draw you deeper into My Sacred Heart and lead your soul into perfection;

so please Me in this way by abandoning yourself into My Hands; be confident; come, delight Me and praise Me; My Mother, who is your Mother too, is shielding you, guiding you, helping you; daughter, bless Her; never cease praying;

I adore You, my God.

adore Me always;

(Later on today, I felt exhausted. I felt that this task God has given me is crushing me. Will all these sacrifices come to something? Or will they all go in vain? Will I have still this strength to keep going as though I can never stop? Or will I one day find it overwhelming and give up?)

have My Peace; hear Me, Wisdom has instructed you, do not fear; be happy that I have chosen you to share My sufferings; My Cross, ever so precious, rests on you; I need to rest, all that you give Me, will not go in vain … nothing is going in vain; I am being Glorified;

remain My victim, beloved victim whom My Father favoured to share with Me My Cross of Peace and Love; our tribulations, as a victim, will not be light in this world; realise that you do not belong in this world anymore and this is why the world will reproach you for not being like them; forgetting how their bodies will turn to ashes, they will ridicule you; beware, then, of complaining about nothing; 1 all I ask from you is, sharing, sharing out of love with Love; Love’s Cup tastes bitter, very bitter; could you not share It with Me? do not resist Me! have I ever resisted you, on hearing your plea from earth? I assure you, nothing will go in vain;

from all eternity, I have known you to be fragile; just as a rose which needs special care, you are being taken care of by Me; I prune your branches when I must, My Eyes are constantly on you, guarding you jealously, lest a stranger plucks you; I let no one touch you, lest their fingers will crumple up your petals; I watch over you day and night; I am your Guardian, so be confident; I will allow no one to harm you;

(That same evening, exhausted, because of our long journey – 12 hours by car – of the day before, I went to pray the Rosary, my eyes resting on Fatima’s statue. I was on the fourth mystery when suddenly St Mary’s cape and dress started to become a bright silver. So intense was this silver light that it seemed to come out from within the statue. She seemed to come to life. This must have lasted not more than five seconds. It was beautiful, because it encouraged me to pray better and made me so very happy!

The next day, when I was reciting the Rosary again and looking at St. Mary’s statue of Fatima, I was looking at Her Eyes. I suddenly noticed that the defect (which bothered me) on one of Her Eyes was not there anymore, both Eyes were now perfect. It was a small defect: there must have been paint missing on one of the eyelids and I often thought I should paint this white line into brown and paint the eyelashes which are missing because of this white line. Now it’s not there, and both eyes are perfect.)