June 12, 1989


I am;

Jesus, it’s difficult …

(I meant, all this supernatural approach, I still cannot realise …)

flower, believe like a child;

Oh, it’s beautiful!

around Me are My angels, I have come with My angels;

It’s beautiful, Lord!

delight Me and always seek Knowledge; let My Commandments fill you with delight and you will be blessed; delight My Soul and say, “Abba” to Me every now and then; O sanctified by My Own Hand, be My reflection, be holy; let your heart be My head-rest; I, the Lord-Am-With-You; will you remember My Presence?

have Me in your mind to be aware of your actions, thoughts and words, have My Peace;

June 12, 1989

it is I, Jesus, come, I am with Padre Pio;

sono con te Vassula; ascolta nostro Buono Signore;

(Padre Pio is often encouraging me.)