December 22, 1987

Vassula, the time has come to unite My Church; come together again beloved, come and rebuild these ancient ruins, rebuild My old foundation a foundation established by My Own Hand; honour My Mother as I, who am The Word and above all, honour her; would I then not desire you who are dust and ashes recognise Her as Queen of Heaven, honouring Her? My grief of today is to see how little My creation knows of Her importance; those under the name of Luther and who have isolated themselves entirely, must return to Peter;

Lord! They will be shocked!

Vassula, I will bend their knee to venerate My Mother; it is I, the Lord, who am speaking; I will bend them! and when they do, I will let My Light shine on them and raise them; I will strengthen your stems, and you shall be like an irrigated garden, like a spring of water whose waters never run dry; I will rebuild My Foundation;

come, beloved, be pliant and soft like now so that I engrave on you My Words, come never forget My Holy Presence;

Yes, Lord.