June 13, 1991

(Message of Our Holy Mother.)

Vassula? will you write down My Words to assuage this desert?

Yes Holy Mother, Mother of God.

write My daughter;

blessed of My Soul, beloved of My Heart, today I ask each one of you to apply your heart to walk with God; God is your Strength, your Life and your Happiness; no man can live without God;

Jesus is the True Vine and you the branches; a branch cut off from the Vine, dries and withers immediately; it is then of no use but to be thrown on the fire; walk with the Light and do not be afraid in abandoning yourselves entirely to Him; give yourselves to God and your hearts shall be filled with Joy;

understand, beloved children, that God in these days is coming to save you and untangle you from Satan’s nets and bring you back to His Sacred Heart; Our Two Hearts are united in spite of the arguments and the denials of the world for this Truth, for they have not all accepted this Truth but use this Truth instead to combat one another;

Our Two Hearts are united and thirst together for your salvation, children; come and hear Us this time: make Peace with God, be reconciled; lift your face to God and ask Him to fill your heart with His Light; learn to love God as your Father, He who loves you more than anyone can imagine and without cease sends you from His Heart His flowing Peace, like a River, to assuage the interior desert of your soul;

do not live out of words only, act and live every word given to you in the Gospels; do not be dead at the letter of the Law, live it; do not be afraid if anybody mocks you or refuses to believe in the Wonders God is giving you today, for I tell you: if anyone reduces you to silence, the stones will cry out1 all the harder; only God can give you Peace and Happiness; I am praying for you without cease so that from hard stones this generation’s heart can turn to God and be like a watered garden, from an uninhabited desert a Holy City full of God’s Light, a Light coming from God, and not by sun or moon; 2 after the storm will be over and gone, flowers3 will spring up, changing the surface of this earth;

I, your Holy Mother, bless each one of you;

1 Images of Jesus and Mary that pour out Tears of Blood are a Divine Manifestation when men try to suffocate the Holy Spirit. (Lk. 19:40.)
3 Flowers: the first-fruits, the newly converted. (Allusion to Rv. 21:1-3.)