September 20, 19861

Peace be with you;

Can I be with You?

yes, you are with Me; I am the Light;

Can I be near You?

you are near Me; you are in Me; I am the Light;

Can You shelter me?

you are sheltered by Me;

Can I lean on You?

you can lean on Me;

I need Your Strength to keep my Faith;

you are given Strength;

I need Your Love;

you are loved by Me;

I am the Light and I shine for everybody to see; have no fear, My Path is straight; My Path will lead you to Me; I will meet you and you will recognise Me, for I radiate Peace and Love;

come to Me; can you see Me? can you hear Me? do not be afraid; do not just stand there in the dark; see, your limbs are healed, you can walk again, see, your sight is back;2 I healed you; I have healed your shame and your sins are washed away by Me; use your limbs to walk to Me; your eyes to see Me, your faith to meet Me; I am your Redeemer; I am your Peace; I, Jesus, love all of you;

1 This is written after the Purification.

2 All of this is metaphoric.