April 9, 1998

(Our Lady speaks:)

My Vassula, My Presence is Peace and Joy; yes, for I am your Mother, before your mother on earth;

I share, as a mother shares with her children, your joys, your sufferings and all you endure; it is giving Me great joy to see My children living the life of truth as they were commanded from the beginning by the Eternal Father;

today My Vassula, there are many deceivers, but it had been said that as there were in the past deceivers, 1 so you too will have your false prophets; in the beginning they would try to buy you for themselves, 2 then very quickly would turn against you once they realise their malice is uncovered in the Light of the Truth by the Spirit to you; ah, My child, I have you wrapped up in My Immaculate Heart, this is the way I protect My children;

in My unfailing Love I have for all of you, I, as a Mother, will always be your gracious Protector and Defender; why, have you not heard how I become like a lioness who defends her cubs when defiled hands stretch out to touch you? no one will be able to take you away from Me; you are, My Vassula, consecrated to Me, and you have signed your consecration to Me with your own blood, 3 and with this, God confirmed you, strengthened and supported you, for His grace and His power lasts for ever and ever;

My Son, Jesus Christ, is always near you and has your hand clasped into His so that you will never be separated from Him; My beloved Son is sweetly affected when you and others who have graciously recognised His Merciful Call through His noble theme, sacrifice everything you have for the salvation of souls;

and God, the Father, who is the kindest of fathers, who favoured you amongst thousands, giving you this inestimable gift and teaching you with Wisdom, filling your mind and those of others with everything that is true, everything that is noble, everything that is good and pure; in His irresistible Love He has for all His creatures, the Creator has blessed you thrice from His Throne; in His royal courts He raised you4 with nectar from His Mouth, and from His Majestic Throne, God reached you to console you and through you, millions of others who were in desperate need of consolation; ah! what would He not do in His divine Goodness for all of you! this is something that your philosophers of your times will never grasp because it is something that does not fit into their way of thinking;

rejoice exceedingly, daughter, for you have received graces more than you could ever merit; praise the Holy Spirit of God too, who descended softly and gently from above upon you, to befriend you, anoint you and instruct you the Way; so glorify the Forerunner who flooded you with His Love and made you taste His intimate sweetness, lifting you on His Wings to soar the skies with Him; so be not afraid …. so long as you are grafted on My Immaculate Heart, be not afraid ….

pray, My Vassula, for those who misinterpret Our Divine Messages, be merciful with them, for they know not what they are doing …. take pity on their desolation and do not let your tongue condemn them, let the Sole Judge, judge them; will you do this for Me?

I will try, I will try to remember.

try…be eternally good, My Vassula, and be patient; do not let temptations of this kind assail you and disfigure your soul; let the One who is the Highest delight in you; expiate for them instead, and every time you will expiate, the Good Lord will anoint you with the unction of His Divine Love for your gesture, and His Face will shine on you and He will execute His Blessings on mankind; act as God wants you to act;

release Me from the pains My Heart succumbs to daily from those who deny the real Presence of My Son in the Eucharist; Jesus affectionately invites you to partake of His Body; know that He desires you with all His Heart and, any generous gesture from your part, His Heart melts into Rivers of Mercy and Goodness which flow on many hardened hearts …..

5 O Royal Virgin,
inseparably united to Jesus’ Heart,
I offer You all the sinners of the world
who offend Your Son in the Blessed Sacrament,
may they who strike Him, be forgiven by God
through Your Innocence, Your Blessedness and Your Sweet Heart
which became the Holiest Tabernacle of God;


trust God, My Vassula, because He has the power and the Wisdom to approach the guilty and straighten their path …. be disposed for the Lord to give Him praise and glory; He will reveal6 to you His intentions;

remain in God’s Peace; I bless you;

1 Our Lady means false prophets.
2 By a flow of flattering messages personally to you.
3 I had pricked my finger and signed then with my own blood the consecration to become the Slave of our Blessed Mother.
4 All of a sudden, while hearing these words, I understood an old vision I had, when I was taken in the spirit in our Father’s House with many rooms, and with a Banquet laid out for us. In the vision I was led to go to a room, with a veranda. What was striking in my vision was the great peace all around. After going out of that room, I had then heard babblings of a child from the nearby room, for the door was somewhat open. I did not have to go inside the room to see, but I saw, in the vision, with the eyes of my soul, who was inside that other room. I saw a lady sitting on a wooden bench, looking at the child that babbled and who was sitting on the floor, by this Lady’s feet. At the time of the vision, I never understood who these two were, since God did not reveal to me their identity. But now, with the words of our Blessed Mother, this mystery was revealed to me. The Lady was our Blessed Mother and the child was me. I was looking at myself. I was in the courts of my Father who truly raised me with nectar, and my Mother was watching over me, while all one could hear in that awesome silence was a child’s babblings. (Vision of November 22, 1986.)
5 My soul, suddenly filled with the Spirit, cried out.
6 The subjects of teachings I had to prepare for the TLIG international meeting.