April 22, 1990

“It was the stone rejected by the builders
that proved to be the keystone” 1

My Lord Jesus, You were rejected then as the Messiah, because their spirit was not prepared, their hearts were closed and hard, yet You proved to be The Keystone. In our generation, my Lord, the effusion of Your Holy Spirit is also rejected by the ‘builders’ and yet one day Your Holy Spirit will prove to all of us that He was the Keystone. By denying and suppressing Your Holy Spirit that comes to us as the Reminder, ‘the builders’ are preparing again their own downfall.

see how former predictions have come true? indeed, I have said that “the Advocate, the Holy Spirit whom the Father will send in My Name will teach you everything and remind you of all I have said to you” but I knew all along that only a remnant would listen and return to Me; these very ones who would listen to Me, I shall invest with My Holy Spirit of Wisdom and Insight; yes, I shall invest them with My Spirit of Counsel and Knowledge; and the flickering light that now is left in this world will become a vivid fire;

I repeat, that My Holy Spirit of Grace is being sent out to the four corners of the earth to teach you to be holy and raise you up again into divine beings; the earth shall turn into a copy of heaven and thus My Will will be done; the prayer I have taught you to pray shall be fulfilled;

Turn then all of us away and quick
from the path of delusion,
may we be one, united,
and live holy as your angels in heaven,
like all souls who live in heaven
and undivided in Your Love
may we too share like them,
Your Love in unity,
so that the earth becomes a reflection of heaven,
let Your Kingdom come and renew the earth with fresh things,
let Your Holy Spirit in this second Pentecost
come quick to renew us with a new spirit of love
and transfigure us all into divine beings!

peace be with you; I tell you truly that the days are coming when My Kingdom on earth shall be as it is in Heaven; you shall not remain divided for long now under these skies, soon you shall all be one, and Love will be dwelling among you: this is My Promise; but, My beloved ones, this renewal shall not come without tribulations; like any birth, this renewal will have its birth-pangs too, but the pains will also be quickly overtaken by joy;

I am pouring out My Spirit on you, generation, to water your desert and to make rivers out of your dry soil, yes! I shall water your desert and turn it into a Garden, eventually you will see the force of My Words and the splendour of My Beauty; I intend to bring you all back to divinity, one after the other; I am your Hope, I am your Refuge, I am your Consoler; Almighty, I Am;

recognise the Times, recognise the gentle Breath of My Holy Spirit of Grace upon you; I am blowing now on your nations, raising up with My Breath your dead, turning them into a reflection of My Image; I am raising new disciples every single day to glorify My Name again and evangelise with love for Love;

I ask you, then, My beloved ones, to pray daily for My second Coming, which is the second Pentecost; pray for the conversion of souls that they may convert before My Coming; come to Me as you are and lean on Me, as John, My beloved one, leaned on Me; you too, place your head on My Bosom and listen to Love’s Heartbeats, every heartbeat is a call for Love, all I ask from you is a return of love; love Me, adore Me, rejoice Me your Lord;

I bless you, leaving My Sigh of Love on your forehead; be one;

(Messages for prayer meeting for Lens, from Our Holy Mother. Also Messages for Italy and Paris.)

peace be with you; little children, I am your Holy Mother of Love, the Mother of the Word made flesh;

I come to you in these days of darkness to educate you in the path of divinity; be vigilant and fully aware because Satan, the enemy, prowls around you like a roaring lion and seeks any opportunity to make you fall; stand up to him and combat him together with Me: combat him with your prayers; your prayers are the most powerful weapon against him; obedience and humbleness makes the demon flee;

God is offering you the gift of His Love; respond to his Merciful calls; God is speaking and He and I call you from the four corners of the earth for your conversion because time is pressing; My little children, stay small and simple, be the salt of the earth by remaining small for you are the light of the world, you are the predilected souls of Our Heart … and the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to the children and to the very little ones;

I appear today in various nations to turn your heart towards the Divine Light; I want to restore your soul, I want to remind you that you all belong to the Father and the Father is Holy so you ought to live holy too; but do not get discouraged because I am here with you to teach you step by step and I can assure you of Our blessings; every step you take, We bless;

I want to, if you allow Me, make you a reflection of the Eternal Light so that when you meet God you would look like an untarnished mirror of God’s active power and an image of His Holiness and His Goodness;

today, I invite you all to pray with fervour for the renewal of the Church, for the second Coming of the Lord: for the second Pentecost; this is why Jesus and I come today in various countries to prepare you all for this Coming; pray and lead a life of adoration, pray for the conversion of souls so that everyone may be ready for the Lord’s Return; Love is on the Way of Return, listen and you will already hear His Footsteps;

this is why I implore you to change your lives and live only for God and in God;

remember, Scripture says:

“anyone who claims to be in the Light
but hates his brother
is still living in the dark;” 2

reconcile with your brother, reconcile with God; make Peace with God, beloved ones: remember Our Presence;

I bless each one of you; be in Peace;