April 4, 1997

flower-of-My-Heart, listen to My Words; I am asking you: do you believe in what is written in Scriptures?

Why Lord, of course I do!

do you believe that God can speak to man?

You prospered me by speaking to me, so how could I not believe You spoke to me?

today many of My Own are raising in My very House their sword against Me …. being swollen with pride they say: “we are gods;” they claim to be so much greater than all that men call “god”, so much greater than anything that is worshipped, that they enthrone themselves in My Sanctuary and claim that they are God; every word proclaimed by Me is rejected by those very ones, but the great fire now is ready to devour them …. they claim that they have grasped the mystery of Myself;

there is a Mediator1 to remind man where his duty lies; to take pity on him, He prays in man’s place to be restored, and spared from the pit; all this I do again and yet again for man, rescuing his soul from the eternal fires and letting the light of life shine bright on him ….

to conceal their plans these people, who raise Me daily, scheme in the dark to overthrow Peter’s Chair and silence the Vicar of My Church and all those to whom I revealed their plans and expose their apostasy; they scheme in the dark to silence Me, saying: “who can see us? who can recognise us?” but the lowly rejoice when they hear and recognise My Voice; the poorest exult in My Presence;

– their2 sacrifices to Me are a mockery now; why, they have become the very Thing of Shame in My Courts; these wrongdoers in My House are speculating to shut My Voice; they will try and impose an order on all of you, to condemn the magnificent works of Wisdom, since this3 Work of Wisdom is lifted high like a luminary banner and exposes their iniquity, it has become their prime target; My4 fairest heritage has become like a woman betraying her lover ….

and to you, whom I opened your ear to hear Me and become My pupil, I tell you: do not fear, long for Me as never before so that it becomes your sweet intoxication, since it will be sweeter than wine; pursue Me, so that in the end you will find the Knowledge of God and His Wisdom; wholeheartedly desire Me, just like an orphan desires his parents, desire Me with all your heart; delight in nothing else on earth nor in heaven except in Our Triune Presence, let your joy lie in being close to Us who have espoused you to Our Holiness for Our Glory but also for your sanctification;

My God, my God,
now is the time to act,
for Your Law is being broken
and evil is gaining power in Your House;
I am finding that the Abomination is spreading,
just like rivers swamping their foundations,
it is swamping us;
Triune God and Guarantor of our well-being,
come to our rescue!

I will fulfil My Promise and your distress and anguish will come to an end; so tell My sons and daughters that My Voice will soon thunder from above and the foundations of the mountains will tremble; now these traders in My Church are closing in on him whom I placed on Peter’s Chair and have eyes for nothing but to see him overthrown; they look like a lion eager to tear to pieces, like a young lion crouching in its hide;

I observe these very ones who want to silence My Voice, 5 each of their moves, and the sight of their moves disgust Me; I observe My faithful servant6 while his lips mutter endless blessings for his persecutors; I listen to his voice while he is being struck on his back: 7

“In Your Love, my Redeemer, listen to my plea; my cruel persecutors are closing in, how remote they are from Your Law! here I am, up before dawn to call for your help: Salve Regina, come to our help, miserere …… come to our help, O God! Guardian of souls come to our help;

“Madre de Dios, Bride of the Holy Spirit, may my cry reach Your Presence and touch Your Maternal Heart; O Pure One, seated by the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Celestial Throne of God, take up my cause and bring us universal peace …. pity us …. pity Your children …. I open my mouth panting with hope as you unfold Your Mantle spreading it on the suffering, on the wretched, on the poor and the forlorn, to protect us You give us streams of Light and Hope, and my distress diminishes; as a small child near his mother, I am reassured, as a small child near his mother, I take my refuge and put my hope in You, Celestial Throne of the most Holy Trinity;

“Mediatrix of all graces, save us from the tempestuous floods of sin, multiply Your graces and turn the hearts of parents towards their children and the hearts of children towards their parents; O Mother of Divine Love, I ask your Royal Heart, ever filled with graciousness and goodness to remember me to the Father; I will count no credit for myself since it was You, my Guarantor, who, in Your loving tenderness saved my life that day, 8 so that I would shepherd the sheep entrusted to me; Virtuous Virginal Heart of Mary, pity Your children and open the Gate of Your Heart on the exiled, shedding Your Light on us all;

“Mother of the disciples, Mother of Triumph, Mother of unequalled Redemption, Mother of the prophets and charisms, Mother of the True Vine, may my entreaties reach Your Maternal Heart; in Your Love, listen to my cry ….

“my God, Guardian of souls, I put my hope in You …. O God, how I love Your Law!”


So now break Your silence, Lord,
turn Your Ear to his prayers
and hear what he says.
Send us from on high this Living Water
to cleanse us, purifying us.

dawn will come after this endless night Vassula, My friend, and the Glory of Our Triune Holiness will shine;

(Our Holy Mother speaks:)

and I, your Holy Mother, salute you, Vassula; yes, Our Hearts9 will rise like the dawn to brighten the earth in its present gloom; Our Hearts in Their triumph will shine on mankind brighter in radiance than all the constellations put together, more resplendent than a thousand suns, and the people who had been walking now for years, in darkness, will see from the heavens a great light; on those who lived in a land of shadow, a light will shine;

many of you, little children, are waiting for exterior signs and exterior prodigies and portents; many of you turn your gaze upwards searching the skies, and yet, My Son, Jesus, has warned you, not to seek exterior signs but to seek what is real and divine from within you;

many of you read and re-read this prophetic revelation with eyes but never see, because when you read, you read with the sole interest of finding extraordinary signs or indications on prodigies and portents, instead of calling the Holy Spirit to endow upon you a spirit of discernment and perception to penetrate rather into the Mystery of Christ and into the Mystery of His Resurrection and enable your soul to progress spiritually to reach the promised land ….

if anyone continues to set his mind and heart in that manner, My poor children, the day when you will be Face to face with your Creator, you will be standing in front of His Throne empty-handed because your soul will be still a wilderness, a parched land, a desert; but if you penetrate with the right heart into the Mysteries We reveal to you now in these Messages, you will start to understand that every work that God is doing is full of Glory and Majesty:

when He adorns, with His Majesty, a soul and turns that soul to enter into His Kingdom and into Heaven, you will, then, commemorate this marvel because you would see Its Glory; when God provides the starved and those who fear Him with Celestial Food, so that they too could inherit and become heirs of His Kingdom and are framed in faithfulness and integrity, you will commemorate this prodigy too, because you will recognise His Blessing and you will wear around your neck this Blessing like one wears a garland;

when His Works of Wisdom which are like an Infinite sea, shining like a thousand suns will illumine your soul radiantly, so that the fruit on your lips increases and that every word pronounced by your lips will be like a consuming fire, purifying this earth, on that day and night you will never stop singing hymns to the Amen for His abundant goodness, patience and tolerance He had for you all these years of your wilderness; your soul will commemorate these prodigies, portents and signs every day of your life; that is why, My children, in your conversion you will discover the real Glory of God who dwells and shines within you; unveil your eyes to see that your Creator lives also within you, who embraces you in His Love; your Maker is also your Spouse10 too for He is the Head11 of every creature …

pray, My children, for those whose hearts are away from God; many of them say: “let us eat and drink today, tomorrow we shall be dead, 12 come, let us feast now while we are alive, our life will pass away like wisps of cloud, yes, our days here are numbered and will pass by like a shadow, so let us feast!” and they go on disgracing themselves and the Image of God, sinking deeper and deeper into sin, unaware that they are more dead than alive …. ah, so many of them have been misled by their own presumption, and wrong-headed opinions have warped their ideas ….

My Son, Jesus Christ, Redeemer of mankind, has the Power to save everyone, for the Father, your Creator, has given Him the power over all mankind; today He is performing signs and marvels as no other time in history;

God leans all the way from Heaven to you, My children; your King, Jesus, has placed His Crown aside and descended from His Glorious throne to reach you; this King, who was seated on His Royal throne, dressed in fearful splendour, glittering with His Glory more than gold and precious stones; raised His Face, full of graciousness and afire with Majesty looked on the throng of angels surrounding Him; He looked on His Saints, and on the whole Heavenly Court and said, His Heart afire with Love:

“I have resolved to open My reserves13 of Heaven and pour out on this reckless generation My hidden Manna, 14 a Treasure reserved for these times, when the world would turn cold and away from the Love of God in its coldness of heart; 15 let it be known now that the godless will be fed from these reserves; why, I, Myself, will go to them with comforting words and soothe the wretched; I shall show My great Love to Wretchedness, and heal their wounds; 16

“I, Myself, will speak to them and tell them that I am their Brother and their Divine Friend who could bring back their divinity; in the bitterness of their slavery, they, one after the other will ask themselves: ‘how have I come to be counted as one of the children of the Most High, I, who am the vermin of the vermins, a vermin among vermins? how can this most Glorious God look at me twice and assign a place for me among His Saints? how can this glorious Sun rise and shine on us too?’ – ‘no vermin, no; you will not die; your King will not let you die, I will save you by My Hand, little vermin, and I will come to your help so that you too may be able to appear in My Courts one day; I will change your loathsomeness into a festival, for your King is near you now, 17 and from a festival I will transform you into a paradise, a glorious heaven, so that I, in My Magnificence, can be praised and glorified; and in this heaven you will invoke Me and seek My Ways from there on so that you may live; My Omnipotent Breath will breathe on you My Fragrance; no one knows all the marvels that are inside Heaven, and how I can make My Will be known on earth as it is in Heaven; to lift you, vermin, whether important or ordinary, rich or poor, I will open My Lips and from My Mouth I will pour out on you, vermin, My delicate ointment18 anointing each one of you;’

“yes, I will come and free them, to take heart, I will show them My wonderful Works, reminding them of their inheritance, offering them My Kingdom …. in My Infinite Clemency I will bow down from Heaven and with My gold sceptre lift those scarcely born to follow Me in My Traces; many will look uncomprehending on My choice and that grace and mercy can be given too to those who once had ceased to be; – I will descend all the way to them and go as far as to the remotest lands, and mix Myself among them; and they will praise My Love above wine saying to Me: ‘how right it is to love You, Sovereign of the Universe!'”

19 then, full of graciousness, He lifted His right Hand and blessed the earth; and you, daughter, carry out what God ordered you to do, see how much brighter your eyes are now that you have eaten this mouthful of honey? 20 fill your mouth with oil21 and go with My blessings; I am with you;

1 I think Jesus was speaking of His Holy Spirit.

2 God talks about the apostates now.

3 Meaning the messages of True Life in God.

4 Here, Jesus was like speaking to Himself.

5 Those who want to ban forever locutions to call them simple meditations.

6 Meaning the Pope.

7 This shows the manner of the Holy Father’s fervent contemplative prayer; the words are not necessarily the Pope’s words verbatim.

8 The attempt to kill the Pope.

9 Jesus and Mary’s Heart.

13 At the same time I heard the word ‘resources’.

14 While these words were pronounced: ‘hidden manna’, I understood too: the hidden treasures of the Sacred Heart on which St Gertrude the Great was permitted to have a glimpse, and was told that these treasures are kept for those times when people would grow cold in the Love of God. That is, when Jesus will reveal His Treasure. These times are now.

15 What I had understood, it was confirmed.

16 Wounds on our soul from sin.

17 This reminded me of the first words my angel Daniel pronounced regarding God. In 1985 he said: “God is near you, and loves you.” – This meant that it would be the beginning of my conversion that would come through His grace.

18 Sg. 1:3: “Your Name is like an oil poured out, and that is why the maidens love You.” Jesus means: by pouring out His ointment on the sinners, they will be healed; in other words, ointment represents His Name and once His Name comes on the sinners it brings them to love God.

19 Then Our Lady continued.

20 Our Lady meant: Celestial Manna which represents here, the Word of God.

21 Oil represents, the Name of God, here. “Your Name is an oil poured out,” Sg 1:3.