August 12, 1991


(For the group:)

My Lord and my God?

I Am; I shall speak freely to My lambs:

all I ask from you is love; love Me without restrain; I am the Source of Sublime Love; come to Me and draw from Me and fill your hearts to be able to give this love to others; I am Present wherever you are, so never ever forget that where you are, I Am; I, the Lord, bless you; care for your brothers and sisters and lead them to Me, let them too see My Holy Face; I, My little children, have created you out of Love to love Me, to console Me, to praise Me;

– you want to Glorify Me? then love Me and adore Me, the door to Heaven are your prayers to Me; I want prayers from your heart; so I tell you, pray, pray, pray; – remember that your Mother’s Heart and Mine are united in Love; so you, you whom My Heart loves, come to both of Us and I shall offer you your rest in My Sacred Heart and protection will be offered in your Mother’s Heart; – I am the Resurrection and I shall resurrect many more of you as I resurrected you; I am Mercy and out of My Boundless Mercy I let My Heart be touched;

Love and Mercy is at your very doors, now!