July 22, 1992

Lord, so long as we remain unreconciled we continue to desecrate Your Holy Church, and slowly but steadily continue to reduce our souls to a pile of ruins. Are we truly seeking You when we talk about UNITY? When are You going to intervene and bring us back to our senses to seek You earnestly? Are we using our tongues to lie outright to You, pretending only we want to UNITE? How long will we defy You and You will not intervene? We are repeatedly challenging You, when are You going to challenge us?

pupil, repeat after Me this prayer:

God, You who are full of Compassion,
let Your Face smile on us to unite us,
look down from heaven,
look at our division that reigns now in Your Church,
Your lambs, My Shepherd,
are perishing in great numbers
as they search to pasture to keep life in them;

listen to the groans of the Church;
this great Apostasy predicted
is robbing You of Your children,
bring to Your Church
this Day of Glory You once foretold
so that we may all be one,

Lord, do not remain silent and do not delay any more,
come! come, bring to us the Day once foretold,
make everyone hear Your Majestic Voice;
You are known to be Gracious, My God,
give me a hearing and answer me …..
I give You thanks
for I know that You have heard me;

yes, My Vassula, trust Me wholeheartedly; put all your faith in Me, I shall never fail you …. 1 pronounce what you have to pronounce!

Lord, where else could I put my faith and my trust?
You are the Holy One who decides,
You are Omnipotent so where else would I go?

yet you are free to choose; even if you turn to be unfaithful, I am always faithful; come, write: I reprove the man who behaves like a stranger to Me; I will set My Throne in your hearts to honour My Holy Name and I will shine My Magnificence in your little hearts; the time is almost up now, I am coming to your help, I am coming to your oppressed, by the road that I came on I will return; I will enter My City in Glory; I am coming; therefore, be ready to welcome Me;

O children! I am calling you! My cries go out to all of you and the foundations of the earth are shaken from My Calls; how long do you intend to sleep? when are you going to rise from your lethargy and apathy? disaster is at your very doors and will overtake you in your sleep, suddenly, irretrievably; and you will still remain unaware? but look, look Who is leaning all the way to you, knocking at the very doors of your heart; open to Me, My own, for My Sacred Heart is lacerated for lack of love, My Lips parched and with blisters for lack of Love;

open to your Holy One and console Him as He will console you; I am at your doors, do not refuse to accept Me ….. if you allow Me to enter your heart I shall make a fountain spring inside you because your soul would have acknowledged Me as your Saviour; I will water your so pitiable desolation and like a branch of the Vine you will flourish and bear fruit;

come, daughter; I, Jesus, bless you for allowing Me to use your hand;

1 Jesus looked at me gravely and said what followed.