December 12, 1987

My God! It must have reached Your Ears, Lord, of what I am now accused of. It is the third time that the Jehovah Witnesses accuse me. Twice before they said that this is the work of the devil (without reading it); and this time that I am a descendant of the fallen angels of the past! Lord, why? Why are Christians so different from one another? What went wrong?

never has My Church been in such a confusion; remember the words of your Holy Mother:

“the confusion of Garabandal was given as a similitude, to show how My Church of today is confused; it is reigning in confusion;”

My God, I’m so sad, so sad, Lord.

you grieve because you feel Me, you are getting to know Me; how I rejoice when you recognise what I suffer from; Vassula, I love them too, but they have been so misled by Satan; he blinded them; leading them when blinded into another path and in their delusion they not only disregard My Mother as Queen of Heaven, but disregarded My Peter too and the authority I Myself have given him upon all My lambs; they persecute My flowers as well and condemn all My Heavenly Works of today; Satan has conditioned them to abuse anything; they do not understand; stopping them from perceiving the Truth, their doctrine has infiltrated among you, beloved ones, and they are the ones I have warned you about; 1 they like to call My graces given to My children, “Satan’s handiwork”, rejecting your Holy Mother;

Vassula, it should never be up to you to accuse them, learn to say instead: “let the Lord be Judge and correct them;”

beloved one, the End of Times is at hand; I have said that I will give you signs and warnings; I suffer to watch them2 sneer at My foundation3 and follow nothing but their own doctrine; they are those Cains and dangerous to My Abels; an obstacle to the ones who want to grow in My House; a misleading torch of misguidings to My people, a hardened rock; they have rebelled against My foundation; how will I offer them a kingdom on earth, when inside them they have accepted doctrines which come from Cain?

I will resurrect you and your soul will come to Me; into My Arms! you are but a passing shadow on earth, a mere speck of dust which will be washed away with the first drops of rain; have I Myself not said these words: that there are many rooms in My Father’s House and that I will prepare you one, so that where I am, you may be too? it is to Me, in My House that souls will come! 4 Vassula, they are scheming against My foundation; they are trying to uproot My domain; I love you; do not weep, flower;

(When I feel Jesus sad, I become sad too.)

I will place on you My thorned crown… and the lance is among them; they are plotting against My House, reunion after reunion to put an end to Peter!

Oh God no! No, Lord!

gather together, beloved ones; reinforce My Church; unite, beloved ones, come together again, be one; flower, stay alert,

Love will redeem you, My beloved ones; come flower, open; open and let Me pour into you My sap which will raise you, strengthening you to enable you to tread on My foes; remember, I, the Lord Jesus Christ, am before you;

(This message alarmed me very much.)

I long for them to listen, it’s urgent!

1 The false religions.

2 Jehovah’s Witnesses.

3 Church in Rome.

4 The Jehovah Witnesses, confused, believe that one can live forever in paradise on earth; and that our soul dies once we die.