November 11, 1993

peace be with you; this is your Lord speaking and it is for My Glory that I am revealing Myself to you1 and to your society! come, come and sing a song to Me;

I do not know how to sing, Lord.

you do not know how to sing? then let Me, together with you, write down the words of a song; then even if you read them out with your heart, their intonation will turn into a melody in My Ears; write:

Emmanuel come,
come, My Beloved,
come and revive my soul,
come and endow my soul with life!

Oh Beloved of the Father,
I have opened the door of my heart,
will I have to wait very long
before You step in my chambers?
Your mere passage in my heart
will leave behind a trail
of the most delicate fragrance of Your perfume;
because Your Love will remedy my pitiable soul;
Spirit of Love, grant me only my share of Your Love;
Emmanuel come, come my Perfect One,
come and ravish my soul,
or else destitution shall overtake my miserable heart!

O Beloved of the Father, how Beautiful You are!
Son of the Most High, who is like unto You?
come and draw me in Your Footprints,
we shall take the road together,
we shall follow the signs laid down by Your Father’s Hand,
leading to His Garden of Delights,
we shall, my Beloved, with one single heart and one single mind
follow the sweetly scented trail Your Father laid out for me;
to encourage me, He has covered my path with sapphires,
He has for my reassurance signed His Holy Name
with oil all over me;

Oh Beloved of the Father,
You, whose Hands are still dripping with pure Myrrh
since Your Resurrection,
come and ravish my soul with a single one of Your glances,
enough for me to keep my soul tranquil and quiet,
enough for me to rejoice my eyes in Your Presence;
Breath of my garden, Fountain of my soul,
Source of Sublime Love,
altogether adorable and Holy,
of which all fruitfulness comes from You,
pour out Your Spirit on all mankind,
display Your Great Love in Heaven and on earth;

Oh Beloved of the Father, You are wholly Beautiful;
to what shall I compare You my Life?
to a column of incense smoke,
to a ray of glittering Light,
to a breath of pure myrrh;
Your Presence, Lord, stands majestically before me,
and ah, as though I were queen myself,
You raise me to embrace my soul,
delicately whispering Your Love in my ear:

“My dove, I am sick with love for you;
I come from the highest heaven to visit you,
I have laid aside My Crown and descended from My Throne
I will not delay,
only a little while now, a very little while,
and the ban will be lifted,
I will renew you and I will give you back your divinity;

“My beloved, I will give water from the well of Life free
to you who thirst for My Love,
your King will take no rest, none at all, beloved of My Soul,
not until you allow Him to seal on your heart
His Divine Kiss, a Kiss from His Mouth2
Have you not noticed how the sun darkens
every time you doubt of My Love?

“approach Me, dearest soul,
and I will pour out on you
countless treasures from My Sacred Heart;
for you alone I have stored them,
to turn your soul fair as in springtime and into an ivory tower,
a Heaven for Myself alone,
have you not realised how I have grafted you to Me?
let Me hear your voice again ….”

How Splendid You are, Anointed One,
Sacrificial Lamb of God,
encircled by Your angels and all the saints,
Irresistible One, Reflection of the Father,
Light thrice holy, One in Three, Three in One Light,
Brighter than a thousand suns,
how have I been deemed worthy
of seeing the Son and in the Son, the Father?

“Have you not heard, My dove,
that the lowly will rejoice in Me
and that the poorest will exult in My Presence?
have you not noticed My weakness I have for the wretched
and how I delight to instruct the poor?”

My God, My God!
who is this arising like dawn
shimmering in the twilight, like the morning star?
who is this fairer than the moon,
adorned with the sun
and a Gate wide open in Her Heart?

“She is the Queen of Heaven,
She is My Mother and your Mother,
the loveliest of women, beautiful as Heaven,
radiant as My Glory, unique in Her Perfection,
the Delight of My Soul,
She is the Woman with the twelve stars on Her Head for a crown,
the Vessel of My Glory, a Reflection of My Eternal Light;
She is the One whose Presence in My Courts
outshines all the constellations put together;
She is the Vessel of the True Light,
The Word, made flesh, and who lived among you,
She is Grace in Grace,
and the Sweetest Song of the psalmists;
She is My Theme of Joy,
My Honour and My Boast,
She is the Gate to Heaven
the One who shows Her children
how to enter into My Kingdom,
She is My Masterpiece,
She is the Consoler of your Consoler,
Co-Redemptress of your Redeemer,
the Bride of My Holy Spirit;

“daughter, I will take no rest,
not until I take you too into My Mother’s House
into the Room of Her who conceived Me,
to reveal to you too Her Beauty,
then, all the mysteries that seemed to you like a well of enigmas,
will suddenly like a clap of lightning
be revealed to you too, My beloved,
and you will understand why the Woman clothed with the Sun
descends now from My Courts to you all at a moment so obscure;
let your eyes, My dove, be fixed ahead,
your gaze be straight before you;

“by the Path that I trod on I will return, My love,
I will come and look after My Vineyard Myself,
Emmanuel will be with you;”


… do you like it?


bless Me then, praise Me and love Me …

May Your Name be blessed and praised,
May Love teach us to love Him.
May we learn to seek You in simplicity of heart,
May Your Holy Spirit fill the whole world.
Let not one of Your flowers wither,
but make them all bloom with a delicate fragrance
to glorify You, O Holy of Holies.

1 Many times the Lord effaces me and shows Himself to people in my place.