November 3, 1990

(Our Holy Mother’s Message.)

peace be with you, little children;

like a mother feeding and consoling her little children, so am I too feeding your souls, by giving you the Word of God; like a mother consoling her children in times of distress, so am I too leaning towards you to console you; I am looking after your soul with My prayers; the Lord is not slow to carry out His promises, but is waiting patiently that everyone will have the grace to see the Light and be converted;

the New Heavens and the New Earth promised are ever so near you now; in the meantime while you are waiting, sanctify, I beg you, your lives and live holy; I want to see in you dear children, a real conversion! anyone who has escaped the vices of the world but then allows himself to be led by principles not coming from Wisdom but from Folly is certain to fall;

God is Love, He is forgiving and slow to anger; God is a most Tender Father; examine your soul now and then to know whether you are standing in His Light or not;

be like a garden for the Lord where He could enjoy His rest in you, where He can delight His Soul in its delightful essences, and where He could rest His Head on its green grass; let Me transform your heart into a beautiful garden for the Lord, so that when the King of kings comes to visit you, He would not turn away His Eyes from you, but would offer you to become a victim of His Soul, a captive of His Heart;

lose no time, therefore, for His Eyes keep watch on each one of your steps; the Prince of Peace exhorts you to pray for peace and I, the Queen of Peace, beg you to pray for peace; Satan is now like a mad bull and My Heart is sick at what I see coming, though out of Mercy, the Father has not shown Me everything;

I roam all around the earth to look for generous souls but I cannot find enough generosity to offer Jesus and appease the Father’s Justice; tremendous amendments are to be done still; Jesus needs generous souls who are willing to expiate for others; this is why I weep; My Eyes dissolve in tears of Blood at these terrible sights I see coming;

today, if I tell you all this, it is not just to impress you or frighten you, but to ask you to pray for Peace; it is God for His Own loving purpose who sends Me all around the world and in every house to gather you one by one and convert you before His Day; beloved children, do not come in these gatherings to look only for signs, if I come all the way from Heaven to your doorstep it is to bring you the Peace of the Lord and My Peace; allow Me, therefore, to transform your hearts into a beautiful garden for the Holy One, so that He may find within your depths a spirit of holiness, love, peace, purity, obedience, humility and faithfulness; then your King will use all these virtues and combat the powers of evil;

rise up from your sleep, children, and change your hearts; I am happy to see so many of you fast on bread and water and today I ask these generous souls to add something more to their days of fasting; I ask you to repent and confess, dear children; watch your lips from judging one another; do not, with all your fasting, allow your lips to be the cause of your condemnation; love one another; live our Messages;

your King is addressing to you His Peace; I will keep patrolling the world to bring to the Lord those who are far away from Him; I need your generous prayers, children of Mine;

I bless you all, I bless your families, your friends and even those you carry heavily in your hearts; yes, all are children of God;