September 24, 1987

(I felt St. Mary near me.)

Vassula, yes, it is I, your Mother; I have appeared to My children of Garabandal; I let them see Me and hear Me; I have appeared to them and they know it; I want you to bless them;

St. Mary, help me accomplish Your wishes.

I will guide you, Vassula;

Thank You.

(I felt amazed. Later on I smelled incense odour around me.)

it is I, Jesus, I blessed you and fragranced you with My incense;

ecclesia will revive! we are one; when I will unite My Church I will not wait further, can you feel how My Soul longs for you? I will fetch you beloved, I love you;

(I was pleased hearing this.)

I feel I do not belong here anymore and Earth is indeed an exile.

beloved, having you in this exile makes Me suffer too, but all will not be in vain; I love My creation and you are to bring My creation back to Me; I suffer seeing you down on earth; live for Me, daughter, you must remember how I sacrificed Myself; would you do the same for Me, your Father?

Make me worthy for You and for any sacrifice, Lord.

beloved, I the Lord, bless you; come, all will not be in vain;