June 3, 1993


I Am; unload your burden onto Me, My child ….

My ears are getting sick at the howling of the wicked, their malicious tongue is inventing lie upon lie about me.

your false accusers will have to face Me one day …. I am on your side, have you not noticed? all their accusations will drain away like water running to waste! rise! rise and lay your hands on the sick and I will heal them; speak! and the utterance of My Words in your mouth will make their spirit fall in My embrace; 1 lean on Me, I have given you My Peace, so abide in this Peace; do not fear now …. behold,

I am the Resurrection

but the prince of this world is Death; accuse not your persecutors so that I will not judge you too in the Day of Judgement; soul-of-My-Passion, I, the Lord, am showing you the steps I have taken for My Passion; since you are serving Me, you must follow Me; what do you want Me to say: “follow Me but not in My Footprints?” this cannot be, whoever serves Me will follow My Blood-stained Footprints …. it is through My Finger that you raise the dead; 2 those who still do not see My wonders are those that My Kingdom has overtaken3 them;

My friend, My little friend, look how much Celestial Manna I have been feeding you with; and I, your God, will keep on nourishing you; no man will push away My Hand from your mouth; I will be your Strength to fulfil My Plan through your frailty; I am preparing you all for My Kingdom; write:

the world today rejects Our Two Hearts, the Heart of your Holy Mother and My Sacred Heart; the times you are living in now are times of Mercy; I have already explained to you4 what will follow when the sixth seal will be broken; and now hear Me and write:

just after Our Two Hearts have accomplished the witnessing, 5 I will break the seventh seal and upon this, there will be an awed silence6 …. in this silence the people of the world would think they triumphed over Our Two Hearts, and they will rejoice7 and celebrate the event, because they would believe they got rid of Our Two Hearts witnessing through Our mouthpieces, since what they witnessed had become a plague in their ears and a plague to their interests and their evil intentions;

then, suddenly this silence will be broken with the coming of My Day, and woe to the unclean! woe to the unrepentant, their corpses will litter this desert, this desert they themselves laid out; My angel then will fill the censer he has been holding in front of My Throne and the altar, with Fire he will throw down on to the earth; 8 and while everybody will be watching, a violent earthquake will come, and the elements of the earth will catch fire and fall apart; 9 many will take to the mountains to hide in caves, 10 and among the rocks, they would call out to Me but I will not listen, they will provoke Me and blaspheme My Holy Name and say to the mountains and rocks, “fall on us and hide us away from the One who sits on the Throne and from the anger of the Lamb”11 , for My Day will come and who can survive it? and the survivors will fall on their knees, overcome with fear and will only praise Me their God12 …. then, the New Heavens and the New Earth13 will come upon you; the kingdom14 of the world will become My Kingdom and I will reign in every heart; the world15 of the past will be gone; soul, My reign will begin in your days;

1 Slain in the Spirit. (It happened several times in meetings.)
2 Spiritually; conversions.
3 Passed them by.
4 Look at message of February 18, 1993.
5 I believe it means when the time is ready for the Day of the Lord. Rv. 11:7.