December 13, 1992

Our Father, who art in Heaven
hallowed be thy Name ….
Our Father,
whose love is revealed to the least of us,
have mercy on Your creation!
You have given us as a free gift:
our liberty, to use as we please,
but we have turned our liberty against us.
Like a razor-blade in an infant’s hand,
we use it, hacking ourselves to death …
O come! and turn our attention
to Your Holy Name,
or we will slice ourselves to pieces!
I invoke You, God Almighty,
in our troubles, will You rescue us,
or will You hide from my petition?

daughter, you are in charge of My Message, and I have been sending you in the world from nation to nation to cry out repentance and reduce this wilderness; indeed, the crowds throng around you; it has come to their ear that I Am is speaking, and nation after nation is talking about you; they say to each other: “let us go and hear what God is saying;” they come in thousands and sit down in front of you and listen to your words, but who acts on them? as far as they are concerned, you are like a love song beautifully sung to music; your words enchant them, but who among them puts My Messages into practice? have they understood the words: reconciliation, peace, love and unity?

when brimstone and devouring flames will take place – and they are very near you now – they will learn that I had sent a prophet among them;

from the beginning I had given you My Commandments; I had asked you to love Me, your Lord, with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind; today I am asking you to allow Me to touch your soul so that your heart will be able to praise Me and tell Me that neither death nor life, no angel, no prince, nothing that exists, nothing still to come, not any power, or height or depth, nor any created thing, will ever come between you and your love to Me;

I am your Stronghold; know that My Love is revealed even to the very least of you; do not search your salvation in the light of the world, since you know that the world cannot give you Life;

soon My Throne and of the Lamb will be in its place and your soul will be renewed with My Transcendent Light, because I, your Father, intend to restore the memory of your soul and make your heart sing to Me the word, Abba – Father! I tell you, you do not belong to the world, so why do you still allow yourselves to be deceived over and over again?

– since the foundations of the earth I have called you by your name but when I proposed Peace, universal Peace, nearly all of you were for war; yet I am pouring out My Holy Spirit now to remind you of your true foundations and that all of you are My seed; but today My seed is filled up with dead words …. I am the Holy One who held you first; for how long will your soul resist Those Eyes who saw you first? and for how long will your soul deny My distressed calls?

many of you are still fondling the Abomination of the Desolation in the most profound domain of your soul; can you not see how the Viper repeatedly is deceiving you in the same way he deceived Adam and Eve? Satan is suggesting to you, untiringly and subtly, to cut off all your heavenly bonds that bond you to Me, your Father in heaven; he mesmerised the memory of your soul to make you believe you are fatherless, thus creating a gulf between you and Me, your God; Satan wants to separate you from Me and cut off your umbilical cord that unites you to Me in which Rivers of Life flow into you;

generation, you have still not set your minds for Me; when will you decide to return to Me? do you want to pass this era’s threshold by blazing fire, by brimstone and devouring flame? how could your soul trade My Glory for a worthless imitation that the evil one offers you daily; ask Me for your daily bread and I shall give it to you! why are you all so willing to listen to the Viper? you and I know that Satan is the father of lies, then why are you still listening to him? I, your Creator, am your Father and I am calling you back to Me; believe in My distressed calls; will your soul continue to befriend the Rebel, or will you deign to come down from your throne and repent? it is for you to decide – there is not much time left;

I am reminding you to beware of the false teachers and the false prophets who induce in your soul desolation and misinterpret the gospels, telling you that the Holy Spirit is not with you to remind you of your foundations nor of where you come from; they have already made a desolation out of your soul and dug a vast gulf between you and Me, your Father; do not let them expand this desolation in your soul and mislead you into believing I have left you orphans; these false prophets have made out of My Son, Jesus, a liar and out of the gospels an echoing cymbal, empty with emptiness; they made out of My Word a gaping grave;

so beware of those false teachers, who tell you that My Holy Spirit cannot descend to perform in you miracles and wonders; beware of them who condemn My Holy Spirit who in your days more than anytime, reminds you of your foundations; beware of them who keep up the outward appearance of religion but reject the inner power of it, the inner power that is My Holy Spirit;

and if any one of you is calumniated and dejected because you are witnessing the Truth, turn to your Holy Mother; She will console your soul and provide you with courage; if the world inflicts on you impressive wounds, turn to your Mother and she will dress your wounds with her Maternal Love and Affection; like She took care of My Beloved Son, your Holy Mother will take care of you too; in your misery and distress She comes flying to you and takes you into Her Heart, that same Heart who conceived your Saviour; your Holy Mother in Heaven will teach you to enlarge My Kingdom on earth by teaching you to love Me;

so let love be the principle of your life; let love be your root; allow Me, your Father, to bond you to Me; allow Me to touch your soul; come to Me and thrust yourself into My Arms; what greater bliss than being held by those Hands that created you? place your ear on My Mouth, this Mouth that breathed in you through your nostrils: Life, and from the dust of the soil I revived you to conquer the earth; I touched you and asked you to listen to My Word since then; come, you must set your heart right, renounce the iniquities that stain your soul and with all your heart