St. Michael the Archangel
March 5, 1987

As A Spouse I Will Provide You

with God's power, I, St. Michael, will cast into hell Satan and all other evil spirits that ruin the souls;
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May 4, 1988

I Am Alive And Alive I Will Act
The Time Is Almost Over

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in the day of battle, be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
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September 10, 1988

St Michael

Vassula, I will tell you this, all this revelation comes from the Mouth of the Most High; be certain of His Mercy
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September 29, 1988

Confession And Communion

if God’s creation only knew how this prayer combats evil, they would have recited it daily
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March 1, 1989

Make Peace With God

I, Saint Michael, am near you, to defend you; pray without ceasing, your prayers are needed more than ever these days of Lent
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April 5, 1989

Let My Word Be Your Lamp – Take Shelter In Our Hearts

children of God, do not listen nor converse with Satan; to lie is to converse with the demon
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July 4, 1989

All I Want Is Your Will – St Michael

allow the Lord to use you, Vassula; yearn for the Lord; love Him for He is most Compassionate
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Other themes: Unity in Diversity
January 19, 1991

St. Michael’s Message

I, Saint Michael, ask you to consecrate your days and nights to petitions, fasting and prayer; soon, all things that have been hidden to you shall be revealed
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September 29, 1991

St Michael’s Feast

I love you, child of God; trust Me
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August 27, 1992

Message From Saint Michael The Archangel

I shall help everyone who is willing to overcome the Evil One; and in the Father, through the Father, I will undo the work of the devil
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September 29, 1993

He Will Destroy The Proud Of The Present World

He shall come to you all in a Pillar of Fire and the light of His people will become a fire and your Holy One a Flame burning and devouring the shrewdness of evil; His Light will penetrate and pierce Darkness and those who could not see will see; He will destroy the proud of the present world;
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July 17, 1994

No Evil Can Become Heir To My Kingdom
Message Of Saint Michael

praise God and no one else; lift your heads to God and to no one else; love God with all your heart and soul; do not fall into temptations; ponder on all the good things you receive from the Most High and bless Him
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October 14, 1994

The Perpetual Sacrifice Will Be Trampled

from the beginning, His Spirit, finding His home in you, glorifies Himself by listening to your cry of: "Father, Abba;" - it will not be long now when He will descend to pull down iniquity that installed itself in men's hearts
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Other themes: Eucharist
May 12, 1995

I Have Entrusted You With My Work, Like A Lamp, Keep It Alight And Shining
I Have Come To Reassure You Of My Assistance

and now write again what had been inscribed on a tablet and in a book long ago but remained to be a witness forever so that it may serve in the time to come
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September 29, 1995

Message From Saint Michael

do you know what is holding back the wrath of God Almighty?
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August 19, 1996

Can Man Support Himself On Nothing?

as heaven praises God's wonders, praise, you too, the Most High, your Creator, without ceasing, for who in the skies can compare with the Almighty One? who among the sons of God can rival Him?
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