March 5, 1987

peace be with you;
Vassula, do you love Me?

I love you, Yahweh, my God, with all my heart, and near You I wish to stay.

I love you too; I will never abandon you;

Vassula, I am King and Sovereign of Peace and Love; before you I am, revealing My Holy Face to you all; this is the beginning of My call of Peace and Love; daughter, I will instruct you more with Wisdom; I am well pleased with you; delight Me, hearing My calls and writing them down; weary not writing; come, all will not be in vain;

Yes, My Lord.

I give you My blessings; come, lean on Me; glorify Me by loving Me, daughter; seek Me always; deny Me never; amend for others; fulfil My word; have My everlasting Peace;


Vassula, stay near Me; I will remind you that as a Spouse I will provide for you with great abundance all that you lack; I love you; every word I say, will be written; we will work together; weary not writing;

(I read St. Michael’s prayer to Him. St. Michael answered me.)

with God’s power, I, St. Michael, will cast into hell Satan and all other evil spirits that ruin the souls;

(I then read The Memorare of St. Bernard.)

beloved, daughter, I will help you; have My everlasting Peace; I am near you until the end; fulfil the Message, Vassula; fulfil God’s word; lean on your Holy Father for He is Most Powerful; love Him and glorify Him, will you do all this? stay near us; I love you;