October 14, 1994

(St Michael speaks.)

Vassula-of-Christ’s-Passion, I, Saint Michael the archangel, greet you and bless you;

– remember how God called you to live a True Life in Him? the memory only of your spiritual resurrection, to this day, touches Me to tears …. you were once at war with God since all your concern was on what is unspiritual, but now, glory be to God, the Just, the Most High; He has covered you with His Holy Spirit and with His powerful Hand, lifted you to become a witness of His Holy Spirit, since His Spirit made His home in you; and from the beginning, 1 His Spirit, finding His home in you, glorifies Himself by listening to your cry of: “Father, Abba;” – it will not be long now when He will descend to pull down iniquity that installed itself in men’s hearts;

look here, for over three years the Perpetual Sacrifice2 will be trampled; for this reason of incredible blasphemy, a third of your inhabitants shall die of iniquity; the Lord swore this by His Holiness; prepare yourself to meet God now…. 3 I have told you all this with no pleasure, for the devil today, in your generation, is given great honours; he was a murderer from the beginning and a liar, and now he is worshipped as a father; the honours are given to him instead; in your days, they bow low before his works and in this way, your generation has drawn down punishment on themselves; your countries are infested by legions of unclean spirits that roam everywhere;

Satan, today, is tempting even the elect of God; this is why trouble is coming to this generation who constructs its towers with innocent blood4 and founds its homelands on crime; this sacrifice5 alone pleases Satan …. put your trust in the Most High, child, and encourage people to ask for My intercession; I, Saint Michael, the archangel of God, will never weary of defending the Truth; stand your ground, 6 even though the Enemy’s blows on you can be traumatic, I am with you; enjoy the favour of the Most High;

(The Lord speaks:)

be in peace; come close to Me and feel My Peace; I will never abandon you; I will help you so that My Heart triumphs in you; do not allow Satan to delude you by doubting; I will increase My Signs on you to honour My Name I shall do these things;

1 The beginning of my conversion.
2 The real presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.
3 When St Michael saw my sadness, He was allowed by God to remain a little bit more with me, for I was reflecting sadly on the contents of His message.
4 Abortion legalised in many nations.
5 The abortion pleases Satan, because Satan needs human sacrifice to gain power, and so abortion is practised daily with so many not even being aware that it becomes a free-giving cult to the Devil. The devil thirsts for blood and he gets it now from the innocent.
6 St. Michael was trying to tell me to ‘copy’ him, that means, never to get weary of writing or feel discouraged in spite of the blows I receive.