January 19, 1991

(Message for the prayer group.)

peace be with you;

I, Saint Michael, ask you to consecrate your days and nights to petitions, fasting and prayer; soon, all things that have been hidden to you shall be revealed; may it be the Lord’s Will that you shall find His Mercy in His Day; if only you who have hardened your heart would listen to Him today… if you would only open your heart to hear His Voice… open your hearts, not your minds… everything goes in accordance with the Scriptures; soon many will start bending their knee to God and many whose tongues have not uttered a prayer shall start praying;

be united, you who are God’s people, in your convictions and in your love; be united in prayer; I bless you all, in the Name of Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit;

rest in the Lord’s Heart, Vassula; be the sign of His Love; have My Peace: Saint Michael;

January 21, 1991

“You, who have seen my wretchedness,
and known the miseries of my soul” 1
take pity on me, take pity on all of us.

daughter, when this time of Grace is over, so will be My Mercy; then your era shall have to face My Justice; I bless you for lending Me your ear, your time and your hand; I bless you and your companions; take My Hand, I shall offer you Joy and Peace;

Love is near you; have My Peace;