August 19, 1996

(Saint Michael, the Archangel.)

child of the Father and of the Most High, spouse of the Spouse, garden of the Holy Spirit, fruit of the Most Holy Trinity, do you know what “fear of the Lord” means? it means hatred of all that is evil and opposite to God; God is good, meek, gentle, merciful, love and the Truth;

let your soul then be fearing God and allow God to perfect you; the fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom and Wisdom is given to mere children for it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs; so unless you change your hearts1 and become free of malice you will never enter into God’s kingdom;

ah …. have you not heard, how Our Creator, thrice Holy, triumphant over all, had wept with tears of joy while He was creating you? yes, it is this same God, who is the Most High, the great and living God, to whom you owe your life, who created you, that the world today has turned against Him;

how can anyone believe that they will escape God’s Justice? all is for ever under the Eye of God, and what He sees as crimes and offences on His Holiness outweigh the sands of the seas …. for how long will He see His Image profaned? can man support himself on nothing, and for how long? refusing Faithful Love is to refuse Life; yet the God they have forgotten has never forgotten them;

I can now plead for mercy for all of you, especially for those amongst you whose hearts are the hardest; the weak and the needy have to be rescued and saved from the clutches of the evil one, who plots the fall of God’s people; so come! revive your prayers to Me and I shall intercede; come! with a single mind to save God’s children, come and pray! while I am giving you this warning, there are those who would not listen; – ask for My intercession and I will protect you and defend you from evil and his dominion;

– as heaven praises God’s wonders, praise, you too, the Most High, your Creator, without ceasing, for who in the skies can compare with the Almighty One? who among the sons of God can rival Him? His Throne like the sun before me cries out: “Justice!” once the Holy One has spoken, His Word will be accomplished, and Justice will be done by fire;

but for those whose heart was pleasing to God who cried out to Him: “You are my Father, my God, the Rock of my salvation!” so will they be made God’s first-born, and will not fear in the Day He will come by fire;

soon, Yahweh means to pass through among you; let me hear your fervent prayers, then ask yourselves: “what will the Day of the Lord mean for me?” and anyone who conspires evil, will be working for his own ruin; this is why I tell you: come and sow seeds of peace and reconciliation, so that your fruit will be agreeable to the Almighty and heaven will be your compensation;

Saint Michael, God’s Archangel;

1 St Michael speaks now to everyone.