September 29, 1995

(St. Michael’s feast-day.)

have My Peace; it is I, Jesus;

My Archangel, Saint Michael, wants to be courteous to you, since you remembered that it is His Feast Day, He will satisfy your good disposition; ic;

(St. Michael speaks:)

friend of Our Lord; I, Saint Michael, greet you in the Name of Our Lord Most High; do you know what is holding back the wrath of God Almighty?

No, I do not know ….

I will tell you then; little souls! yes! little souls who persevere in prayer, fasting and penance …. through these, many will be saved; ah, Vassula, never cease praying the Rosary; never cease asking Me for My intercession; may honour and glory be given to God for His inexhaustible patience; 1 come, be confident and do not fall into temptation; see? it is not worth it ….

listen and continue to listen to your Father in Heaven; God is not unattainable, He is at everyone’s reach; so call your Abba and He will hear you; the Most Holy Trinity wants everyone to reach and enter into the highest heaven; happy are those who die in the Lord, theirs is the Kingdom of heaven; fear God and always praise Him; worship your Maker and love Him always;

I, Saint Michael, the Archangel, bless you in the presence of the Most Holy Trinity and in the presence of Their Holy Angels;

– Saint Michael –
and while you are working, you can continue praying! 2

1 At this moment I suddenly had for just two seconds a doubt, which left me almost immediately, and I burst into a great joy again when He said: “see? it is not worth it”.
2 I had to prepare our dinner, this is why St Michael said to pray while working.