September 29, 1988

(Feastday of the Archangels St Michael, St Gabriel and St Raphael)

(I prayed to St Michael.)

(St Michael:)

glory be to the Most High, for He has raised you up from the dead; you are to be on your guard always from Satan, recollect yourself before the Lord; pray to Me;

The Prayer of St. Michael, for exorcism?

yes; if God’s creation only knew how this prayer combats evil, they would have recited it daily; be prepared for the Lord’s Word always; the Eternal One loves you; praise Him!

Ah St. Michael, thank You for guarding and combating for us. My Lord?

I am; remember, your surrounding is a wilderness;

Vassula, repent and confess your sins to Me; I am listening, 1 I forgive you fully, I forgive your sins which stained your soul; have My Peace; I wish to emphasise this to all My creation:

I have given you all My Law; this Law is to be obeyed by all of you; I have given you teachers who minister in My Church; these are to guide you and teach you all how important it is to Receive Me in Holy Communion; receive My Blood and My Body; My Blood was not poured out in Rivers for nothing, My Blood was poured out for you to drink It; these ministers should not keep away from you My Blood, My Blood was poured out for your Salvation, you are to drink My Blood too; so come and drink Me and you will thirst for more; obey My words of My Last Supper, and when you come to Me, make sure before, how you will receive Me; examine yourselves, recollect yourselves, honour Me fully by repenting and often confessing; I have given you confessors; when, My beloved ones, you are confessing to him you are only confessing to Me, it is to Me you are confessing; do not treat the Blood of the Covenant as if It were not Holy;

remember My Holy Presence, we, us;


we, us;

Yes, Holy Mother.

(Later on:)


St. Michael?

yes, it is me; I wanted you to commemorate My feast day as well as St. Gabriel’s and St Raphael’s with this new prayer of exorcism; have it printed and propound these prayers; your era needs them desperately; I am obeying the will of the Most High, glory be to God;

Glory be to God, blessed be our Lord.

My child, it is I, the Lord; be always alert when you pray these prayers! I, the Lord, love you for hearing Me; never doubt, I will nourish your soul; come, be one with Me;

we, us;


and ever;


we, us;


and ever; amen;

St. Mary, I bless You.

1 I confessed to God.