July 17, 1994

(Greece – Simi island – Panormiti – St Michael’s Island)


I Am;

I can remain with you even in your wretchedness; look, My daughter, you have been assigned for this mission to pronounce My Love Hymn and I, as a harpist, will play sweetly song after song on you to make everyone remember Me; tell all My children who heard My Love Hymn that I, Yahweh, their Creator, am their guardian;

if you remain faithful to Me, I will raise from Nothingness a house in My Name; do not dread My Ways and do not fear to approach Me; I am your Father in heaven, so turn your gaze upward and let your King and Father of all, prepare in you an everlasting sanctuary;

My Eyes are worn out with vexation and the violence of the world, for no evil can become heir of My Kingdom; observe My Commandments and do not take them lightly; if you follow them, they will keep you upright, even if you are utterly wretched come to Me and tell Me:

“look Father, see all the stains on my soul? I had no constancy in Your Commandments, yet I know, Father, that You are all merciful and generous; from Your precepts I can learn Wisdom; teach me Your Will, Yahweh, teach me Your judgements; come and bind me to You, Father, and remind my wretched soul that I am heir of Your Kingdom too; though my temptations are countless, I trust in Your Saving help;”

and I will answer you, My child: “blessed, ah blessed one of My Soul, at the memory of your creation, I wept; I wept tears of joy; I had set you in your mother’s womb with a heart, to live and share My Glory; do not turn away now …. I have heard your prayer that was said in purity of heart and I tell you: you are very precious in My Eyes, and now for the sake of My Love I have for you, seek from today:

love, peace and reconciliation;

alone you are not; I am with you always and bless you without ceasing;”

(The same day, Saint Michael the Archangel gave me this message:)

daughter of the Most High, allow Me to tell God’s children that they should pursue Peace:

“who among you delights in Life? then come closer to the Holy One and never give Him up …. stand firm forever …. how blessed are those whose God is Yahweh! they are the heirs of His Kingdom!

“I tell you, friends of the Christ, today Christ is wearing sackcloth to manifest His grief …. for the sake of His Love, fast this Friday on bread and water to relieve His Heart; offer Christ this sacrifice;

“I have indeed called you here to honour the Most High and I, the archangel, Saint Michael, am mightily touched by your visit; My hands are in full battle and My arm is constantly raised to keep evil away …. pray to Me as you do and encourage others too to do the same; the Enemy of God weakens with this prayer; 1

“praise God and no one else; lift your heads to God and to no one else; love God with all your heart and soul; do not fall into temptations; ponder on all the good things you receive from the Most High and bless Him;

“and now come and visit Me again; 2 I love you;”

Saint Michael, God’s Archangel;

1 The small prayer to St. Michael (Pope Leo XIII).
2 In Saint Michael’s Church on the island.