April 5, 1989

My Jesus?

I am; ah how I delight in these moments when you come to Me, offering Me your will! stay with Me and I will write to My children;

(Jesus will write the message for the reunion which will be for April 21, 1989.) 1

peace be with you, I am the Lord; I am the Word and I am among you; feel My Presence, My little children; My Sacred Heart delights to see you all assembled all in one; 2 I mean to progress you in the Way of Holiness; those who still have not penetrated in My Path, I shall not leave behind, I will go back and look for them; I will fetch each one of you and show you My Path of Righteousness and Holiness; I will lift you and carry you; like a tender father I shall raise you up and teach you My precepts; I will enrich you with My Spirit of Love;

I, who am Master of Love, will teach you to love Me fully and love one another as I love you, this will be your first step towards Me; I look upon you all as My little children, hardly knowing how to walk alone; I shall offer you both My Hands and you will place your little hands into Mine, and together, together you and I will make a few steps forward … do you know how I delight already? 3 I will progress you and I will embellish your soul leading it into perfection, if you are willing to open yourselves entirely to Me;

allow Me to teach you My statutes and I shall explain to you how to keep My precepts; I shall open the Gates of Virtues to all who wish to learn; yes, I shall, Myself, with My Own Hand, place into your mouth My Fruits; cling to Me and I shall rescue you in these difficult times where Fury has been let loose; these times when many fall into confusion, not knowing their left hand from their right hand;

today more than ever, the evil one and the demons are roaming in every corner of this earth, seeking to deceive you all, setting traps for you to fall; this is the reason why I am asking you to pray without ceasing; do not let My adversary find you asleep; be on your guard these days; do not let him find an empty corner in you either, fill yourselves with My Word, with My Love, with My Peace, with My Virtues; come often and receive Me in the little white Host, in purity, so that you do not yield into temptation;

pray without ceasing; I know your needs even more than you do and even before you ask Me, I know your heart; in every possible occasion face Me and pray, pray to repair and make up for the lack of prayers of this earth; let your prayers be your armour, shielding you from all evil that is roaming around you, disarm the demon with love, let love be your weapon, let peace be written on your foreheads, so that everyone may see it; you should make every part of your body into a weapon fighting on My side and then sin will no longer dominate your life; 4 let My Word be your Lamp; spread My Message of Love and Peace in every corner of the globe to attain hearts and convert them; let those who do not know Me yet, come and see what a Furnace of Love My Sacred Heart is; come and feel My Sacred Heart in Flames of Love, and when you do, even if your heart is petrified and arid from lack of love, I will with My Flame of Love entice your heart into a living torch;

beloved, and blessed of My Soul, how My Heart pains when I see some of you still resisting Me … behold, was I ever known to be unfaithful? I am The All-Faithful One, who never denies you or abandons you in times of distress; I have not forsaken you, ever; I will pursue you, like a young man who pursues his maiden, because I am your Faithful God who looks on you from above with great love; come to Me and offer Me your sufferings with love; I and you, you and I, will share those sufferings;

daughters and sons of Mine, shall you and I pray together the “Our Father”? before you do, recollect yourselves and pray slowly from your heart, let this prayer reach the Father, meditate on what you are saying; pray, I am listening … and My Kingdom will come and My Will, will be done on earth as it is in Heaven;

I shall substitute the present darkness for light; I shall substitute wickedness for love and this lethargy into a vivid brightness to guide your step; I shall not fail you; I shall heal your sores and clean your blemishes with My Tenderness; so come to Me and love Me; let your love extinguish My Flare of Justice, let your prayers from your heart soothe My Wounds, let your prayers rise in Heaven like incense, glorifying Me and praising Me; amend the faults of others who come at night, to destroy My Vineyard from yielding Its Grapes; do good and cease to do evil; whatever you do, do it for My Glory;

come, beloved souls, and share My Cross with Me; My Cross cries out for Love, Peace and Unity; together we shall carry It, you and I, I and you, united in Love; I, your Lord Jesus Christ, give you all, My blessings; be One;

(Later on:)

flower, I give you My Peace, upon you is My Spirit; renew My Church like in the beginning, in the times of old, with Love among you, till My Return; raise the dead with love and peace, let this land of ghosts give birth to a new life; ah, beloved! how I long for this Glorious Day of Mine!

(Later on: Our Holy Mother gives her message for the reunion)

praise the Lord, My child, for giving you Wisdom;

Praised be the Lord for His Mercy, for His Love and for sharing His Works with me!

here is My Message for My little souls:

“peace be with you children; beloved ones, approach God in simplicity; be like children, since the Lord is to be found by those who do not put Him to the test; He shows Himself to the humble and to those who do not distrust Him; you see My children, Omnipotence put to the test, confounds the foolish; no, Wisdom will never make its way into a crafty soul;

“so open your hearts to the Lord and receive Him in simplicity of heart; allow yourselves to lean on Him for you will be leaning on Wisdom; augment your faith in the Lord by praying; to have faith is also a grace given from the Lord;

“My beloved ones, come into My Immaculate Heart and I will rest you; all you who suffer, all you who are in pain, come to Me and I, who am your Mother, will console you, as any mother consoles her child in distress; I, too, will do even more; I shall intercede for you to the Father and I will never fail you; come and take shelter in Our Hearts; let this wreath of thorns that now chokes Our Hearts, lose its thorns and put forth young shoots which will bloom into flowers; have faith in God, trust Him;

“I bless you all in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, amen;”

here is Saint Michael;

children of God, do not listen nor converse with Satan; to lie is to converse with the demon; to accumulate anger in you, is to give the devil a foothold; do not let your tongue be the cause of your falls;

pray to Me and I shall intercede for you; have confidence in God and in His Infinite Mercy;

I bless you all;

1 Jesus asked me to read them from Scriptures: Ep. 4:17-32 and 5:1-20.

2 Here Jesus means all Christians, from Roman Catholic to Protestants, and Orthodox.

3 Jesus appeared so very happy!