(After the tsunami disaster in SE Asia)

In this article I will be pointing out the prophecies given to us by God reminding us of His call of repentance and love, prophecies that spoke of the two towers in the USA, and now of the tsunami in Asia that took hundreds of thousands of lives away, most of them innocent children.

I am sure every one of you is in prayer for those that survived and that you have participated in the donations given through your churches. It is a terrible thing to see the pain and the suffering of people of different nationalities who lost their beloved ones, from one minute to the next, especially when it comes to children. Then we remain in awe before some miracles that happened, like the floating little mattress with the 20 day old baby, and the Swedish little boy who was found, and others.

Perhaps this phenomenon had made some people understand how, before God, we are nothing: that our lives depend on God and not on ourselves. We cannot do anything without God’s help.

Unfortunately, when a disaster of this magnitude happens, taking away innocent lives, there will be some who will put the blame immediately on God rather than on sinful humanity. For many, it will also be the only time they will remember God, speaking of Him in anger, thus offending God even more. At the same time, pain and sorrow sometimes make people say things they do not mean. We should pray for these broken hearts that they may be consoled by our Lord.

When someone asked me once, why do good people and children have to suffer and even die? I asked our Lord. He responded, saying: “If you die, it is because of your apostasy”, meaning that we draw these sufferings upon ourselves. From our own wickedness we are self-destructing, making even nature turn against us. Mother Teresa, when asked the same questions, responded by saying that the lives of good people and innocent children are taken because these were ready to enter into the Kingdom of God. In the Scriptures Christ explains it in (Lk 13, 1-5):

“It was just about this time that some people arrived and told Him (Jesus) about the Galileans whose blood Pilate had mingled with that of their sacrifices. At this He said to them, “Do you suppose these Galileans who suffered like that were greater sinners than any other Galilean? They were not, I tell you. No; but unless you repent you will all perish as they did. Or those eighteen on whom the tower at Siloam fell and killed them? Do you suppose that they were more guilty than all of the other people living in Jerusalem? They were not, I tell you. No; but unless you repent you will all perish as they did.”

When God speaks, like He does in the messages of True Life in God, it is to counsel His people and draw them near His Heart. When God speaks we have to listen and respect His sayings. When God speaks, He speaks to correct us and console us. He speaks, and we have to listen by bending our stiff necks, whether we like it or not. Pride is the root of the disbelief that refuses to listen. As a father, God who is our Father will reprimand us for our rebellion and our indifference towards Him, but will never neglect to encourage us, lift us and give us hope to enliven our faith. At the same time God comes to us out of His infinite mercy to warn us that unless we convert and live holy there will be trouble lying ahead of us. God does not like us to suffer and that is why, in His infinite mercy, He will take any means to come to us and warn us, because all the evil will be drawn by us alone, not Him.

“Every day of your life generation, My grace is being revealed and as I shine on the whole human race to bring it to make peace with Me and neighbor, so will they too shine amongst themselves if they only would listen to Me…” (January 6, 2003).

When I hear sometimes how people diminish God in His Justice, I feel like crying out: “heresy!” God is a God of Love, but also of Justice. In the Scriptures it is written that God’s severity is as great as His mercy. When they say, “I do not believe that these inspirations come from God, because they are too apocalyptic”, when God is warning us, revealing to us clearly what could happen if we do not shape up, to these I would ask: “Can you face the day of Judgment without fear?” What about Nineveh? Has God not given a warning through Jonah? God did not want to destroy a whole big town, but He sent His prophet to warn that town. And they listened and fasted. The town was not destroyed.

One of many examples in Scriptures of how God reacts in times of rebellion and apostasy is from Jeremiah 4: 23-28. Jeremiah says:

“I looked to the earth, to see a formless waste; to the heavens, and their light had gone. I looked to the mountains, to see them quaking. And all the heights astir. I looked, to see no man at all, the very birds of heaven had fled. I looked, to see the wooded country a wilderness, all its towns in ruins, at the presence of Yahweh, at the presence of His burning anger. Yes, thus speaks Yahweh, “the whole land shall be laid waste, I will make an end of it once for all; at which the earth will go into mourning, and the heavens above grow dark..”

God had been warning us unceasingly to return to Him and reconcile with Him and with one another. Christ has been pleading with His church to unite. He has been asking the shepherds now for 20 years to repent and reconcile, bringing forth unity by unifying the dates of Easter. The whole world is decaying in its evil and its apostasy, transgressing not only God’s Law, but all that is Holy, unceasingly offending God. Why, then, is anyone surprised when the grace of the Holy Spirit increases in these times of darkness to help us? But Darkness is persecuting the Light once more. Obstacles, persecutions, accusations, mockery, slander, prohibitions and calumnies were pouring out from several people, all these years, as I was trying to testify and pass on to the world the Word of God, making this an extremely difficult mission. Many of these people thought they were doing a holy duty to God…

It is written in Scriptures that: “In the beginning was the Word: the Word was with God and the Word was God.” (Jn1:1) “The Word was the true Light that enlightens all men; and He was coming into the world. He was in the world that had its being through him, and the world did not know Him. He came to His own domain and His own people did not accept Him.” (Jn1:9-11).

Through all these years, Our Lord has tried to awaken a true understanding in all of us by repeatedly giving us reminders: recalling what was said in the past by the holy prophets and His own commandments. His calls, as well as our Blessed Mother’s, were calls to repentance, peace, love, unity and a life of prayer. Our Lord came and still comes in this manner into the world to enlighten all those who have gone astray, but to this day very few recognized His graceful presence and fewer still accept His call. He did not neglect to come first to His own domain, among His own, but flesh in its hardness of heart and incredulity rejected Love once more. To this day, very few are those who accepted Him entirely in His call of mercy and repented, allowing Him to reign in their hearts.

The world today has an attitude, just like Pharaoh’s, of rejecting, in their stubbornness and disbelief, all that is Holy. Of others, our Lord says their behavior is worse than that of Sodom and Gomorrah. All these years, Christ has been begging His Church for peace, reconciliation and unity among the shepherds; He has been speaking to them, to His own. Yet, to this day, unity is not being accepted. Instead, many of His shepherds are scorning His very words given in these inspirations, making fun of His intimate Love and treating the word “unity” as an enemy in their hardened hearts. These very ones are at the brink of destruction, and yet they go on their own way doing their own thing.

When the Word was made flesh, the world did not know Him. Even when He went to His own people, they did not accept Him… In our times He has made Himself accessible to every human being but many have ignored His ways and sayings. There is no difference between the way the world was then and the way it is today; rejection and disbelief is what they carry in their hearts. Our Lord asks His shepherds:

“I solemnly ask everyone: what have you done with Scriptures? Scriptures are a mirror that reflect Me; how is it, if you say you know the Scriptures, you do not recognize My speech? How is it you so easily contradict the truth? I tell you, if you do not recognize Me in My sayings now, it is simply that you do not know nor understand the Scriptures that are a key of the Holy Spirit. If some of you say: “we do not need this prophetic revelation, we are not obliged to listen to it or read it because Scriptures are enough for us and we can learn all knowledge from them;” I ask you in your incredulity:

“Do you know why you do not believe and do you know why you are so indifferent and determined to close your heart? Do you know why you do not seek anything beyond it?” It is because you have not the Holy Spirit who could have risen you from darkness into His Light enlightening your soul to see the Son together with the Father manifesting Themselves to you; the Holy Spirit would have breathed in you a resurrection breath invigorating you, giving you life in Me.

Can a soul who is dead understand Scriptures and put them into practice if he is not alive? If you would have understood the Scriptures that are as a mirror, reflecting My Image, you would not have said: “Scriptures are enough for me.” No, My friend, Scriptures are not enough if you do not possess the Holy Spirit. It is through the Light of the Holy Spirit that Revelation can be understood and all that seemed then impenetrable mysteries in Scriptures, and sealed, would become knowable and clear because the key of knowledge would be given to you by the Spirit.” (November 13, 2001)

Later on, in another call, Christ asks His shepherds: “When in your days I am speaking and the shepherds are not listening and do not believe I am intervening they are as Scriptures say: “our watchmen are blind, they notice nothing… they all go their own way, each after his own interest…”

(August 7, 2002)

Then there are those who would say to God’s mouthpieces: “If you are sent by God and if those words you say come from God, prove your humility by hiding yourself and all those sayings; stop parading yourself and the sayings around the world;” (August 7, 2002) But our Lord says: “To these people answer the following: “I am not going to be like the wicked servant who hid his talent and then was condemned for having done nothing; on the contrary, I will multiply my talent and give glory to the One who entrusted it to me; I will pass on, not only to this generation this prodigious wonder, but the angels will carry the words of God and will continue spreading them like a rain of seeds thrown from above to all future generations to renew God’s creation and embellish the Church; to sweeten the mouths of His children and open their mouths to praise Him; to open their eyes and enable them to examine their hearts;

I am sealed by our Lord’s divine Name all over me and I do not fear. I am His Loud book declaring the same Truths our Lord has passed on to us; so, nothing is new, I have nothing new that is of my own, brothers, but all that is said to me comes from Divine Knowledge and from the Mouth of the Triune God;” this is what you are to tell them in My Name;” (August 7, 2002)

Despite these words, they would go on persecuting and prohibiting the Word of God from being made known to His creatures, the Word that can lead many nations to repentance, conversion and faith, making God relent, as He did over Nineveh. Here is another warning:

” (…) As for those who have not yet received My visitation, many torments await them, the Day of the Lord will come upon them too, and what a day that will be! I shall be swift to show My Mercy, provided you repent… I will show My Mercy and gather all of you from everywhere under heaven; but before that, I, the Author of this Love Hymn tell you, unless the world in its wickedness turns to Me, repenting, rendering love for evil, what can happen to you all will outline all historical records of purification! There is no fervent repentance, no real compunction… the nations are in uproar, and their achievements are the measure of their godlessness… all the earth will suffer unless I hear a true cry of repentance; ah, and those who stand up on platforms proclaiming peace and how, and in which way one has to establish peace among themselves, when these very ones are transgressing My commandments and are at war with Me, how do they expect in their right mind to bring peace? (September 30, 2002).

In the year 1991, 11 September, exactly 10 years before the great disaster of the two towers in the USA, our Lord, looking at the earth with displeasure, warned us in these words:

“And I, for My part, My Eyes look down at the world of today, searching nation after nation scanning soul after soul for some warmth, for some generosity and for some love but very few enjoy My favor. Very few bother to live a holy life and the days are fleeing and the hours are now counted before the great retribution (…) (Jesus suddenly changed tone and after waiting a few seconds, with a tone very grave that left me in awe said: “The earth will shiver and shake and every evil built into Towers (like the towers of Babel) will collapse into a heap of rubble and be buried in the dust of sin! Above the heavens will shake and the foundations of the earth will rock! The islands, the sea and the continents will be visited by Me unexpectedly with thunder and by flame. Listen to My last words of warning, listen now that there is still time. Read our Messages and stop being scornful or deaf when Heaven speaks (…) Soon, very soon now, the Heavens will open and I shall make you see the Judge.”(September 11, 1991)

On the 11th September 2001 the world was scarred with the fall of the two towers, taking away so many lives, among them many innocent people. Horrific apocalyptic scenes were shown to the world, and despite this horror that came upon us, instead of truly turning to God and repenting, the world became worse than before and was set for war. Instead of understanding that this happened because of our own faults, sins, guilt, apostasy and the world’s rejection of God, we continued to listen to Satan and go on his way rather than the way God was showing us.

On the 24th December 1991, on the eve of Christ’s birth this message was given to us by Christ who was very offended:

“I come today and offer all mankind My Peace, but very few listen. Today I come with peace-terms and a message of Love, but the peace I am offering is blasphemed by the earth, and the Love I am giving them is mocked and jeered in this Eve of My Birth. Mankind is celebrating these days without My Holy Name. My Holy Name has been abolished and they take the day of My Birth as a great holiday of leisure, worshipping idols. Satan has entered into the hearts of My children, finding them weak and asleep. I have warned the world…”(December 24, 1991)

Christ is showing us that He is offended when we celebrate Christmas by gathering our family without remembering the real cause; Christ’s Birth.

At Christmas every Christian is asked to celebrate Christ’s birth by rejoicing and going to Church and celebrating His Holy Name. Many, in their apostasy, celebrate and worship the Christmas tree instead, exchanging gifts, eating until sick, and amusing themselves to folly.

After that date there were several warnings. But the ones that I believe speak of the tsunami of the 26th December 2004 in Asia were the three that follow here below. The first one is as early as 1987, September 10th:

I wrote: “Suddenly Jesus reminded me of a dream I had last night and had forgotten. It was the vision I saw lately, but it appeared worse in my dream”. The Lord then said:

“Listen, I have let you see the vision in your sleep, to make you feel it. No, there is no escape!”

I wrote: “I remember when I saw it coming like a giant wave. I tried to run and hide, knowing it’s impossible.” Then I asked our Lord: “But why do this, if you love us? Why?” He answered:

“I am known as a God of Love, as well as a God of Justice.” I asked: “What can we do to stop this?” God answered: “tremendous amendments are required now from all of you. Uniting and being one. Loving one another, believing in My Heavenly Works, for I am among you always.”

The tsunami news shocked and dismayed all of us, but no one can say that God did not send us warnings. When warnings were sent by those He chose as mouthpieces, many were saying: “We have no need of these warnings; we have the consolation of the holy books of the Fathers and the Holy Bible in our possession. We never lack to offer sacrifices and prayers either, so what has Christ to tell us more than what He has given us?” And they shut their ears.

Another warning was given to us on the 18th February 1993:

“See the days are coming when I am going to come by thunder and fire but I will find, to My distress, many of you unaware and in deep sleep! I am sending you creation, messenger after messenger to break through your deafness, but I am weary now of your resistance and your apathy. I am ever so weary of your coldness; I am weary of your arrogance and your inflexibility when it comes to assemble for unity – you filled and overflowed now the Cup of Stupor. Intoxicated by your own voice you have opposed My Voice but it shall not be forever – s