February 18, 1993

Lord, how long will you allow them1 to defy You?

when I will speak the next time to them, I will raise a gale!

They scorned Your advice in the ecumenical centre (in Mexico City), 2 got up and left in the middle of the meeting. And as You know, the greatest oppositions in the World Council of Churches and who did not want my presence there, nor a meeting, were from my own.

but I, the Victor, will bend them double …. look Vassula-of-My-Passion, have My Peace, search no one else but Me! soul-of-My-Passion, go out to the nations and leave the oppositions to Me, I shall make those that oppose Me get up from their Seats and bend them double; trust Me, go out to the nations and remind everyone of My Love and that Jesus means Saviour, Redeemer and that the greatness of My Love for you all, surpasses everything …

do not look to your left nor to your right, remember how My Father seized by your misery gave you His Peace so that you forward this Peace to everyone; My Father, moved by your astounding weakness revealed His Face to you and through you to others; My Holy Spirit enraptured by your nothingness triumphed over you, installing His Throne in you to rule over your soul, and I filled your heart with the Riches of My Sacred Heart;

soon, beloved of My Soul, a white linen will cover you and I Myself shall wrap you in My Heart, engulfing you in My Light; so My child-of-My-Burning-Passion allow Me to use your little hand for just a while longer,

write: I have stepped out of Heaven to reach you, but have you listened to Me? I have stepped out of My Throne to come all the way into your room to court you and remind you that you are heirs to My Kingdom; I have stepped out of My Dwelling Place and have taken the wilderness in search of you; the Master of the heavens has not denied you His Love, never! I have allowed your eyes, creation, to look on a King in His Beauty, to attract you;

to honour My Name I have roused the dead to preach to you My Kingdom; where is your response? and you who talk about Unity, do you think empty words will unite you? who of you is ready to shed all his comforts and follow Me? tell Me, who of you will be first to end My Agony and My groans for Unity and Peace before the Hour comes? this Hour that leaves all My angels trembling;

who among you is the soul who will grain the nations with seeds of Love and Peace? who for My Sake will faithfully follow the Light, invoking My Name day and night? who of you all will be the first to place his feet into My blood-stained Footprints? are you sincerely seeking Me? see, the days are coming when I am going to come by thunder and Fire, but I will find, to My distress, many of you unaware and in deep sleep!

I am sending you, creation, messenger after messenger to break through your deafness, but I am weary now of your resistance and your apathy; I am ever so weary of your coldness; I am weary of your arrogance and your inflexibility when it comes to assemble for unity; you filled and overflowed now the Cup of Stupor; intoxicated by your own voice you have opposed My Voice, but it shall not be forever; soon you shall fall for you have opposed My Voice by your voice’s misleading nonsense; naturally, My Church is in ruin because of your division; you are not applying My advice nor are you practising My desires for lack of faith, but I will expose your heart to you and to the whole world; I shall expose how secretly you were planning to destroy My Law; 3

the sixth seal is about to be broken4 and you will all be plunged into darkness and there will be no illumination for the smoke poured up out of the Abyss will be like the smoke from a huge furnace so that the sun and the sky will be darkened by it; 5 and out of My Cup of Justice I will make you resemble snakes, vipers, I will make you crawl on your belly and eat dust6 in these days of darkness; I will crush you to the ground to remind you that you are not better than vipers …. you will suffocate and stifle in your sins;

in My anger I will tread you down, trample you in My wrath! see? My four angels are standing anxiously now around My Throne, waiting for My orders; when you will hear peals of thunder and see flashes of lightning know that the Hour of My Justice has come; the earth will shake and like a shooting star, will reel from its place, 7 extirpating mountains and islands out of their places; entire nations will be annihilated; the sky will disappear like a scroll rolling up, 8 as you saw it in your vision, daughter; 9 a great agony will befall on all the citizens; and woe to the unbeliever! hear Me: and should men say to you today: “ah, but the Living One will have Mercy upon us, your prophecy is not from God but from your own spirit;” tell them: although you are reputed to be alive, you are dead; your incredulity condemns you, because you refused to believe in My time of Mercy and prohibited My Voice to spread through My mouthpieces to warn and save My creatures, you shall die too as the bad;

when the Hour of Darkness comes, I will show you your insides; I will turn your soul inside out and when you will see your soul as black as coal, not only will you experience a distress like never before, but you will beat your breast with agony saying that your own darkness is far worse than the darkness surrounding you;

as for you, 10 (…) that is how I shall display My Justice to the nations and all nations will feel My sentence when this Hour comes; I will make human life scarcer than ever before; then when My wrath will be appeased, I will set My Throne in each one of you, and together with one voice and one heart and one language you will praise Me, the Lamb;

this is enough for today, My Vassula; do not be bitter with your own people, and do not, soul, trouble your heart either; I shall show you to the world as a sign of unity; you are contradicted and rejected but you know now why: because unity is unwelcomed, as Love is unwelcomed in many hearts; sincerity is missing ….

come, we, us?

Yes, my Lord …

1 The Greek Orthodox ecclesiastics.

2 All were there. The Greek Orthodox came late, listened for 20 minutes while I read Jesus’ messages of unity, then got up enraged and left.

3 Very gravely, Jesus said what follows.

10 Concerns me alone.