November 13, 2001

Vassula, I have been calling you now for almost sixteen years, and I have during these years allowed your eyes to see many things and hear things still more impressive; I filled you and others through My messages with divine light to be able to understand Me;

I am the Light and above every light; I, in My splendour, transcend all lights, all luminosities; I can give light to anyone revealing Myself to him; your mind, therefore, should be united to Mine and I will immerse it with My divine light to see the things that no eye has seen and understand things with My Mind through My divine Light …

I filled you with the Knowledge and Understanding of Myself; yes, My child, I turned you into an altar on which I placed My prophetic office, granting to you all sorts of possibilities to chant My Words so that their sound may be heard in every sanctuary; 1 I filled you, in My delight, with mysterious sayings to raise My Name and reach distant lands and people;

I put light inside your heart to show you the magnificence of My works; your ears heard and are still hearing the glory of My Voice and your spiritual eyes saw Me face to face; I have been flowering2 this earth to encourage those who were losing hope on My silence to gain hope, and revive;

I have been, as I said, flowering this earth, but many instead of rejoicing, remained indifferent and their indifference stamped with rage on all that was flowering, giving oaths in My Name only on how they will be destroying all that is flowering; this was their daily concern;

I am God, and I am mighty to forgive and to pour out wrath; I gave access to every human being to reach Me; I gave just as much access to every nation to read My Love Hymn; many have ignored My sayings;

I solemnly ask everyone: what have you done with Scriptures? Scriptures are a mirror that reflect Me; how is it, if you say you know the Scriptures, you do not recognise My speech? how is it you so easily contradict the truth? I tell you, if you do not recognise Me in My sayings now, it is simply that you do not know nor understand the Scriptures that are a key of the Holy Spirit;

if some of you say: “we do not need this prophetic revelation, we are not obliged to listen to it or read it because Scriptures are enough for us and we can learn all knowledge from them;” I ask you in your incredulity: “do you know why you do not believe and do you know why you are so indifferent and determined to close your heart? do you know why you do not seek anything beyond it?” it is because you have not the Holy Spirit who could have risen you from darkness into His Light enlightening your soul to see the Son together with the Father manifesting themselves to you; the Holy Spirit would have breathed in you a resurrection breath invigorating you, giving you life in Me; can a soul who is dead understand Scriptures and put them into practice if he is not alive?

if you would have understood the Scriptures that are as a mirror, reflecting My Image, you would not have said: “Scriptures are enough for me;” no, My friend, Scriptures are not enough if you do not possess the Holy Spirit; it is through the Light of the Holy Spirit that Revelation can be understood and all that seemed then impenetrable mysteries in Scriptures, and sealed, would become knowable and clear because the key of knowledge would be given to you by the Spirit;

yet, I tell you truly: anyone who has willingly accepted Me, even now when I am speaking, is blessed, because through Me he receives knowledge and Wisdom in such a prodigious way that it is as though he has read all of the Scriptures! he himself will be like a loud book bearing within himself the divine inspirations one obtains through grace; then, My daughter, when he reads Scriptures he would see, not only the words, but, as you have experienced, Vassula, he would see the deep spiritual meaning of its context with his spiritual eye;

therefore, do not oppose My envoys who are like a loud book and an office of prophecy, they come from Me; they do not reveal more than what Scriptures contain, but are a guide for you; they guide your life into a new manner to live truly in Me, improving your life, giving you hope and consolation; I can turn anyone from a wretched being into a Cathedral;

judge not and I shall come to you to conceive My sayings into reality; Scriptures are the Image of Me, your God, do not underestimate them either but do not say you know them when you are far from knowing Me; observe the Commandments and fulfil their sayings so that you have a vision of Me; to fulfil My Word will lead your soul to know Me; then, and only then, you will become god by participation and not by the rule;

have you not understood the meaning of: “listen willingly to any discourse coming from God?” have you been listening? the actions of every creature are before him; disasters, plague, famine, afflictions, wars, blood and death have replaced My flowers3 now through your own hand and through your sins;

since many years now I have been blessing this dry land, coming upon you like a river, soaking it like a flood with My blessings; I displayed portents in the sky and I have been sending you My angels barefoot to enkindle, with My Word, your hearts; generation, I have sent them to warn you that unless you repented, prayed and made reparations for your sins, amending your lives, and unless you valued My Blessed Sacrament and lived holy, united, setting Me like a seal in your heart, you would, through your own fault, draw upon you all the evils of the earth; all that comes from the earth returns to the earth; the entire world is filled with such evil;

I had asked you to return to Me, but My seed4 being dead did not hear Me, and ceaselessly kept offending Me; why, look, the sky and the heavens above tremble at My Visitation; 5 the mountains and the base of the earth today tremble with your iniquities; but who bothered his head when I warned you ten years ago about the retribution that lied ahead were you not to repent? who attempted to understand the way I move? and now, tell Me, who will report whether justice has been done? was anyone of you expecting the Towers to fall through your own sins and evil? and yet, ah, I had been warning you but your busy trading has filled your generation with violence and instead of leaning on the Father’s bosom reclining on Him, you have deceased the very moment you preferred to lean on gold and silver; and yet, your table remains to this day empty;

I am your Banquet, your Wealth, and if I, God, have not become all things for you, how do you expect to obtain your reward in heaven? regardless of what you are and who you are, I want your well-being; this is why I administer My sayings to the simple who would, through the prophetic office I installed in them, go all the way to your feet to deposit this noble treasure at your feet; moreover, I have renewed them with the Holy Spirit so that what they will have to say, whether they are instructing you or correcting errors, they would do so with full authority;

I have asked these dear souls to give up everything that did not lead them to Me, and only have one ambition, and that is: the wellbeing of My Church, and to be ready to fight all the evils attempted on My Mystical Body; yes, of course they would be persecuted because of their actions, and their existence will be looked upon, from the dead, like a threat; but I have anointed them; and if to some they appear insignificant in their eyes, in My Eyes I esteem them more than all the jewels put together with all the royalties and imperial treasures as well; they are in My Eyes lovable and noble since it is I who reared them; anointed with the oil of My Courts, they will draw large crowds to replenish My Mystical Body, the Church, which has fallen in ruin through the neglect of the shepherds;

Lord, this, You realise, is one of the reasons I am persecuted, it is because You blame the hierarchy!

I know; but the word has been given to you and I have formed you to send you out to this apostatised world to speak in My Name;

the shepherds are divided, opposing one another; they are living in a spiritual decay and if some still bear My Cross willingly and with zeal for My House, these too are persecuted by these transgressors; can they6 say that they punctiliously obeyed Me? if they say ‘yes’, then explain to Me your division; division is a sin; surely you know the meaning of: “every kingdom divided against itself is laid waste, and no city or house divided against itself will stand;” 7 the distinctive sign of faith in them is missing: love is not there anymore …

even if this division has not come directly from them but from their ancestors, they are fanning this fire that comes from the underground8 keeping it alive; so now, I am asking My shepherds to repent, offering Me a true metanoia, to allow, through this colossal power, a transfiguration to take place; a true metanoia is the gate that leads souls from darkness into light;

My Lord, my heart has had no lofty ambitions, yet forgive my boldness by asking You this question:

“If any of Your shepherds would come to read that far, and come upon the words You just uttered about asking them to repent, wouldn’t it be those of whom You say are full of zeal for Your House and loyally bear Your Cross? the Abels as You call them, that are the readers and are willing to hear what You say, because they have not blemished their simplicity? – Am I wrong if I say that those that read Your messages are those who are sincere and faithful to Your House as well?

“How will Your words reach those whom You want them to hear, who call your Works evil? You call, but very few listen; who of these will listen? the shepherds who are already living a unity in their heart?”

do not worry about matters that are beyond the scope of your mind and perception; I have means to direct My sayings to those who need salvation … for it is known that Mercy is to be found in Me; 9

as for those of whom you call sincere and faithful to My House, I tell you this: it is not only those who read My Message and follow it who are sincere and faithful to My House, but I have kept for Myself true devotees, chosen by grace who have remained faithful and who are willing to carry My Cross of unity on their shoulders, and through their works fragrance not only My Body, but the entire world;

in other words, it is not only those who were called by grace and responded to listen to My Words given to you in this Message that are sincere and faithful;

and you, daughter, have you seen what I have accomplished recently?

Yes Lord, I have.

(Something between me and the Lord.)

then praise My Holy Name and you shall see greater things than these, wait and you shall see … be patient and allow Me to continue our path together, see? see where I have led you? do not fear, in My Presence you have peace … ic;

1 I understood that God meant ‘souls’.

2 Sending blessings.

3 Figurative word for blessings.

4 Us.

5 In other words: God’s manifestation through this message is so powerful and obvious.

6 The transgressors.

8 Hell.

9 At this very moment, although it was not so apparent in that simple phrase, the Lord Jesus revealed to me that He is sick with divine love for all His shepherds and that was why he was reproving them, to the point of trembling from sensitivity and emotion of love; and it was as if I had heard our Lord lamenting as a child who has been unjustly mistreated, saying: “My Body has been beaten, My friends wounded Me beyond recognition; they took away My cloak, they who guard My House, have stopped conversing with Me and yet it is from My lips distilled with honey, that they could obtain the balm of a revival; I tremble to the core of my being of losing them; they have wrenched My limbs, they injured Me, and when put to the test they offend Me; and if there are any wise or holy men among them, showing their good lives, wreathed with humility and divine love towards Me, they run towards them like enraged wolves to tear them to pieces; just like Cain who belonged to the Evil One and cut his brother’s throat, in that same manner they are treated …”