February 7, 2002

Citadel of Mine, I have called you in order to announce My Return; I have called you to reveal My unfathomable Mercy to all My children who still sit in apathy and in their own world of indifference; My persistent calls to repentance have not been heard; the world is creeping now even deeper in the mire of sin and in the shadow of death; My seed is dead for lack of irrigation; many of My shepherds have failed Me, drawing with them millions of souls in the Abyss and into perdition; can anyone say: “we have not been warned; we have not seen any celestial sign;” and they continue to live for themselves …

this generation has become dead to My Word and prefers to live for Satan who gives them everything that is opposing My Law of Love; liberty and freedom they call it but in reality they are captives of the Evil one; each man now is equipped for war; darkness is overruling the world; their hearts that are vile and dwelled by all sorts of evil spirits are only motivated towards the Prince of Darkness;

I have given you all, time and occasions to rid yourselves of wickedness and godlessness and reflect on My Graciousness in these times of Mercy; I have, ceaselessly, by royal command displayed in the sky, for you, prodigious prodigies to revive your faith, but so many of you, especially in the United States, after having been encouraged to step into the path of virtues that lead to Me and into Eternal Life, have turned against Me and against My envoys who are the carrier of My Word; and with contempt rejected Me; both high and low alike have set their teeth to destroy this Work;

My Imperial Reign is at your very doors, but are you ready to receive Me? with largesse and with royal prodigality I laid out a banquet of spiritual food to revive your spirit; when I was there, waiting for you to feed you by My Own Hand to save you from death, you refused to come forward; considering therefore, your reluctance to a true metanoia, 1 and how you have shown hostility instead towards My warnings, what former scenes of wailing took place2 are nothing in comparison to the sorrowful mornings that lie ahead of you; 3 sorrowful mornings that will be drawn by your own hand;

your nation governs in complete opposition to all My Law of Love which differs from your outlandish system of laws; laws that commit the most heinous crimes to the point of endangering not only the earth but the stability as well of the whole cosmos;

I have so many times yielded My Sceptre, even to the non-existent beings; 4 today, with grief, I see from above how your designs will turn against yourselves; the world already is tasting the fruits of its own course, provoking nature to rebel with convulsions, drawing upon yourselves natural catastrophes, choking itself with your own scheming; I had beckoned you for years now but very few took notice; this purification that is now like a scourge upon you, generation, will draw many towards Me and those who spurned My warnings will return to Me in their distress; then, when all these things will have taken place, when every being who non-existed will come to existing, I will set the earth on fire and free from the scourge; when God speaks, His Voice quakes the earth;

My Reign will soon be with you because My divine visitation is at hand, and all who have been called to testify openly to every inhabitant of this earth will not be suppressed any longer5 since the people will be like a thirsty ground yearning for the dew of My Words; and they will be testifying the works of the Supreme Triune God whom they had not met before nor seen with the eye of their soul;

entreat heaven that this time of purification does not go hard on you as on Sodom and Gomorrah;

My Church will be renewed;

hold on to Me, Vassula, because I have bound behind Me many of your oppressors; lift My Cross above your head and glorify Me, affirming My might; ic;

1 Repentance.
2 On September 11, 2001; this event had been announced 10 years ago, September 11, 1991; warning us to repent …
3 Rv. 11:18: “The time has come to destroy those who are destroying the earth.”
4 The spiritually dead.
5 Rv. 11:11: “After the three-and-a-half days, God breathed life into them and they stood up”.