February 19, 1993

peace, My beloved; are you one with Me?

Make my spirit one with Your Spirit. Only You can do it, Lord.

I am glad that you are conscious of your nothingness and that without Me you can do nothing; lean on Me and I will attract your soul to Me; Love is near you and My Spirit upon you; allow Me to continue yesterday’s Message;

hear Me: tell them that mercy and wrath alike belong to Me, who am Mighty to forgive and to pour out wrath; My mercy is great, but My severity is as great;

(God asked me to write the passage from Si. 16:11, 12.)

you see daughter, I will soon reveal My Justice too; My Plan has a determined time; My Merciful calls have also a determined time; once this time of Mercy is over, I will show everyone, good and evil, that My severity is as great as My Mercy, that My wrath is as powerful as My forgiveness; all things predicted by Me will pass swiftly now; nothing can be subtracted from them;

I have spoken to you of the Apostasy, Apostasy that bound1 the hands of My best friends, disarming them because of its velocity and its measure; have I not said that cardinals will oppose cardinals and how bishops will go against bishops and that many are on the road to perdition? they have, in their endless battle, weakened My Church; today this spirit of rebellion thrives inside My Holy Place;

do you recall the vision I had given you of the vipers crawling all over the Holy Sacraments of the altar? have I not revealed to you how many of them oppose My pope? 2 and how they push him aside? 3 I have already given you a detailed account of the Rebellion inside My Church; 4

My faithful friend, allow Me to stop here; we shall continue later on; stay near Me and please Me;

1 It means they were helpless.
2 Pope John-Paul II.