September 30, 2002

My Lord, my God,
how wonderful it is to journey by Your side
while sowing Your celestial seeds in the wind!

In contrast to the darkness surrounding me,
You are a Pillar of blazing Fire, a Ray of Light;

Your Holy Face, Christ,
is like a Lustrous Diamond
and when You face me,
Your radiance enlightens my soul,
in order not to succumb in the dark;

Brighter than a thousand suns put together,
You stand now in radiance before my wretched soul;
ah, if mankind only knew what it is like to be present
in front of such indescribable beauty?

You, my Mighty God, Imperishable Light,
Your Presence is given freely to the world,
but how is it they cannot recognise You, or even see You?

My Gracious Lord,
fairer than all the Angelic forces put together,
transcending all understanding and reasoning;
Your boundless Mercy and Your incomprehensible Abundance
and Your Generosity leaves me in awe …

Your attractiveness magnetises my soul,
paralyses it and induces it into unbearable sadness,
Your attractiveness wounds me…

On numerous occasions I tried to grasp You,
but futile were my attempts;
it was like trying to grasp fire;
my fingers went through You …

As an untarnished mirror,
reflecting the Eternal Light,
Your magnificence is magnified in all Your creation …
and yet, how is it Your creation does not see this bright Light?

Although my attempts to grasp You,
even the fringe of Your robe, were futile,
in Your Compassion, and to encourage me not to leave the chase
but to continue my attempts to grasp You,
You have covered my path with sapphires;
to reassure me of my attempts,
You signed with Your Finger Your Name all over me with oil;

Column of Incense fragrance,
perfuming the world as You pass by,
how have I been deemed worthy of such grace
to acquire Wisdom as a teacher?

When from my unworthy heart
I uttered my cry to You,
out from the heights
Your Sovereignty stooped over me, revealing Yourself,
while from Your Lips, Your Divine Name was given to me;
anointing my soul with Holy Oil;

Unction of my soul,
in Your exuberant Love, in Your Divine Folly,
You have adorned my soul in stately clothes,
clothing my nakedness with Your Divine Signature,
making me Yours for ever and ever!

O Saviour, arduous in Your Love for mankind,
moisten my lips now with grace
to address You always with honour and praise …

ah, beloved one! I have called you to aspire for Me alone; I have called you to be infatuated with Me, as much as you infatuate Me; I have wounded your soul by My beauty to call you into a life in Me; My Presence that startles you to this day and that reduced your soul into nothing but a mere reflection of My Light, enlivens you; My exuberant Love I have for you, inebriated your soul to thirst for Me; I have liberated you to attain dispassion of body and soul; you can attain impassibility only through Me; in this impassibility I can plant within you My celestial seeds;

see? see how I have made you a witness to the people to summon all the nations in order that those who are unaware of My Presence will rush to Me and glorify Me? I had said that I will make My Words a fire in your mouth to attract those who never knew Me to serve Me with dispassion and to love My Name; have I not said that I will repair My broken altars?

in My own household, that is now scattered, I will advance in there; I will separate the haughty and proud hearts from the pure of heart; just like one separates goats from sheep; you have been told to observe My Law and My decrees, and you were asked to repent wholeheartedly; the purification has already started and some of you were already visited by Me; have you forgotten your words in your alarm when you exclaimed in agony: “I have been snatched in Your Fire, Lord!” at last admitting your guilt, with groans of repentance?

as for those who have not yet received My visitation many torments await them, the Day of the Lord will come upon them too, and what a day that will be! I shall be swift to show My Mercy, provided you repent … I will show My Mercy and gather all of you from everywhere under heaven; but before that, I, the Author of this Love Hymn, tell you, unless the world in its wickedness turns to Me, repenting, rendering love for evil, what can happen to you all will outline all historical records of purification!

Lord! I don’t know what to say!

there is no fervent repentance, no real compunction … the nations are in uproar, and their achievements are the measure of their godlessness … all the earth will suffer unless I hear a true cry of repentance; ah, and those who stand up on platforms proclaiming peace and how, and in which way one has to establish peace among themselves, when these very ones are transgressing My commandments and are at war with Me, how do they expect in their right mind to bring peace?

do not despair though, in the end, salvation will come from the Triune God; the One you keep rejecting, godless generation, in the end you will live in peace; the God who is enthroned above will enforest you and My Spirit will flow continuously like a lustrous stream in dry lands; I will fill all things in My own Light, in this Light I will remove the darnel from the wheat; as I have said to you, I will separate the goats from the sheep;

those who will find themselves outside My Divine Light, I will be to them inaccessible and invisible, and only darkness will be their dwelling; but those who will find themselves inside My Divine Light will be blessed, and will be light themselves inside My Light; I will encompass them imparting them in My own brightness; the more pure the soul, the more brighter she will be; happy the man whose fault is forgiven, whose sin is blotted out; happy the man whom I accuse of no guilt, whose spirit is incapable of deceit!

tell your generation that God is here, with you all … ic;