September 10, 1987

I love you; until I come and deliver you; believe in Me blindly, Vassula;

Jesus I know there are times You must be very displeased with me. Those times I fell into doubt, at these times I am the result of a multiplication – if You multiply Thomas by 10, the result is me.

flower, you are frail and it is out of your frailty that I am attracted, do I not know all this beloved? I am your Strength;

(Jesus whispered in my ear something; I’ll keep it secret.)

Vassula, Garabandal is the Sequel of Miracles, in between these Miracles I have been giving other signs;

Can You write down which miracles?

write; Lourdes, then Fatima, I want you to write now Garabandal in San Sebastian; Glorify Me! remember I am the Light of this world;

(Suddenly Jesus reminded me of a dream I had last night, and I had forgotten. It was the vision I saw lately, but it appeared worse in my dream.)

listen, I have let you see the vision in your sleep, to make you feel it; no, there is no escape!

(I remember when I saw it coming like a giant wave I tried to run and hide, knowing it’s impossible.)

But why do this if You love us? Why?

I am known as a God of Love, as well as a God of Justice;

What can we do to stop this?

tremendous amendments are required now from all of you, uniting and being one, loving one another, believing in Me, believing in my Heavenly Works, for I am among you always;