June 27, 1991

come, let us work; put your faith in Me;

– it has been said that before My Great Return there would be signs given to you; you are to watch these signs preluding My Day of Glory; one can, by reading the Scriptures carefully, discover all these truths; how is it that your minds are not opened to understand the Scriptures? come now and understand; hear Me now, My child: your generation is thriving in its rebellion; how they have apostatised! for My part, I increased My calls, My warnings, I beckoned to you day after day, I increased My Blessings; but I got no response; I said: “would I find anyone when I come?” why did no one answer when I called? but instead of a response to My supplication you turned your backs to Me, “who does He think His Message is for?” is all I heard; how they rebel and how they blaspheme against My Divinity! but no man is able to push away the Appointed Time, nor the Hour; they shall come upon them, as sudden as a thunderclap;

today, daughter, the Antichrist is the spirit of Rebellion given by Satan, as Scriptures define him: the Rebel,1 who is the disastrous abomination set up in My Temple of which the prophet Daniel spoke of – each one of you is My Temple … the one Scriptures call Rebel and is defined as the disastrous abomination is one of the two preceding signs of the end of Times; the other sign is your great apostasy;

your era, My child, has defected from giving Me the adoration which is your due to Me but also your Life; Satan’s plan was to conquer this era and make you believe you can do without Me; so, the spirit of Rebellion, which is the Antichrist, entered into My Dwelling; 2 that is the spirit of Lawlessness, not to say more, and it has installed itself today in the very core of My Sanctuary; 3 this spirit of Rebellion is the one that makes those ones who have it cry out: “I am a god!” 4 men have defected and in their defections Satan’s way was opened to step inside them and lead all of these to a violent death;

this spirit of Rebellion which devastates one’s soul, one’s mind and one’s heart, is the Enemy of which the apostle Paul spoke of; the one who claims to be so much greater than all that men call “god”, so much greater than anything that is worshipped; 5 the one who says: “I will rival The Authority” 6 so they enthrone themselves in My place7 and promulgate their own law to make war on My Law and anything that comes from My Spirit;

day after day, hour after hour they keep grieving Me and offending My Holy Spirit; O dust and ashes, you who removed My Perpetual Sacrifice from within you, do you want to die? why do you rival Me? why do you deny My Holy Spirit of Grace? anyone who denies Me is the Antichrist, for he is denying the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit who are one and the same because all three of Us agree;8

today many of you are denying the outpouring of My Holy Spirit; the graces and the gifts My Holy Spirit is giving you out of My Infinite Generosity, are ignored and suppressed; these peoples deny and reject all the gifts of My Spirit; many go around keeping the outward appearance of religion but are rejecting the inner power of My Church, the inner power which is My Holy Spirit;

they say: “I have kept My faith, all there is to come now is the trophy of My righteousness;” I ask you: have you done everything you can to present yourself in front of Me? I have been trying to awaken you and tell you that you are like a dried-up river, and that all you say is hollow; and while the sinner is being converted by My Holy Spirit, no sooner does he enter My House, no sooner does he discover the Treasures of My Heart reserved for all of you, than you come upon him like a gale to tempt him back into godlessness; he who has just escaped from rebellion, you tempt him back to rebel;

in the Day of Judgement I shall tell you: you have not believed Me, but made Me out to be a liar, because you have not trusted the testimony I have given you about the Advocate, the Reminder of My Word, yes, My Holy Spirit of Truth, this very One you never ceased to ignore and persecute, never ceased to deny and suppress; instead of joining the saints who acclaim and praise with blessings and shouts of joy My Holy Spirit you hound them and persecute them unceasingly, clinging to your illusion of piety; you are provoking Me with your constant denials …

how can I then not let the stones manifest My grief? you prohibit My first-fruits to acclaim My Holy Spirit, this is why I tell you: if these keep silence the stones will cry out9 My grief; 10 what I once said to Jerusalem I tell it to you now with sorrow: “if you in your turn had only understood the Splendour of My Message of Peace! but, alas, it is hidden from your eyes!” if you in your turn had only grasped the Splendour of My Holy Spirit, bestowing blessing upon blessing on all of you … but, alas, you neither see nor hear the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father sends in My Name, teaching you and reminding you of all the truths I have given you, because the prince of this world is using your freedom for your own downfall;

Lord, show Your Mercy to these too,
and like You made me hear You,
let them hear too;
and like You showed Your Beauty to me,
leaving me dazzled,
show them Your Perfection too.

they are not listening, they are listening only to their voice, even while My Tears flow before them there is no reply; I have gone in all directions to find a way of breaking through their deafness and tell them to come to Me and base their strength on Me, so that I in My turn lead them to holiness and allow them to inherit My Light;

I am the Holy One they are so wickedly betraying and I am the first to forgive them, had they one moment of regret … but as long as they maintain their stand of self-sufficiency they shall not hear Me nor will they be able to see how today I am revealing entirely and as never before My Holy Face to all the world; 11 I, the Lord, shall keep on shining on you, creation, and I shall spread across the face of this earth My Light; the sun that has darkened and the moon that lost its brightness12 in your era, leading you in your darkness to apostatise, soon, your distress shall be over;

I intend to turn your marshlands13 into a garden; the night into day; your cities, 14 which are only a rubble now, into cities of Light; your broken altars15 will be rebuilt and of your temples; 16 I, with My Own Hand, shall lay the foundation; I shall make the whole creation new; 17 I shall renew you all with My Holy Spirit; come, Vassula, My lamb, all shall be written and as I want everything to be written;

Love is by your side;

2 In our souls.

3 The core of our hearts.

6 Allusion to Is. 14:14: “I will rival the Most High.”

7 Allusion to Ezk. 28:2: “I am sitting on the throne of God.”

10 Divine manifestations of images and statues of Jesus and Mary shedding tears.

11 Allusion to Jl. 3:1.

12 Allusion to Mt. 24:29.

13 Us.

14 Us.

15 Us.

16 Us.