July 16, 1991

My Lord?

I Am;

little one do not get discouraged in this exile; I am by your side to help you carry this burden; come and rest in My Sacred Heart; make it your Oasis while you are crossing this desert; I shall not abandon you nor will I neglect you; I am your Hope and your toil does not go in vain; dearest soul, I offer you My Patience, saturated by My Love, oh what will I not do for you ….

out of the path you were to tread on, I laid out for you a bed of roses; I shall not conceal how I, your Saviour, love you; I am today revealing to all humanity My Jealous Love; I am revealing you all My Holy Face to remind you to be holy and live holy; you belong to Me, created from the Source of My Sublime Love, meant to have eternal foundations in Me and be an image of My Divine Nature; Death was never meant for you, but you have accepted the powers from below, generation;

– daughter, I, the Most High, had foreseen the betrayal of My Church and the inflictions My Body would receive; today, the sun does not give you daylight nor does the moon shine on you; Satan has covered the entire earth with his smoke; you have apostatised …. you have made out of My Perpetual Sacrifice a mockery, a worthless imitation, a disastrous abomination; you are concealing the Truth with a Lie; you are guilty for blasphemy …. My Holy Presence in My Tabernacle disturbs you so you made out your own law, forcing Me out of My Throne; 1 have you asked My consent before doing so? but these are the signs of the Times; your great apostasy and the spirit of Rebellion, which is the Antichrist in your days and the abomination of the desolation;

ah, Vassula, practise all that I have given you and share, My child, My agony; all I want is love, faithfulness and mercy;

(Jesus’ lips trembled holding back His Tears.)

I feel betrayed as when Judas betrayed Me;

Come, Lord, and rest in the hearts that love You.

flower, I tell you; I am revealing My Holy Spirit to mankind in this way to save you and to remind you of My Word; the Holy Spirit of Truth is My Witness; the Holy Spirit brings nothing new but gives you the fundamental truths that I Myself have given you;

1 Jesus here means the new system of putting the Holy Tabernacle at the side of the Church or even in a side room under the pretext that Jesus is in a safer and more quiet place.