September 12, 1990


I am; peace be with you, flower; write down My Message for all parts of the world:

peace be with you; children of My Heart, realise how Heaven is opening every day to you with My Grace, to give you calls, for conversions … reminders of My Word … instructions to teach you to follow My Commandments;

Heaven is opening Its Doors daily in several places of the world to bring you Peace and Love; and Wisdom with all Her Glory descends on a Throne right in the middle of you all, to open the eyes of the blind, to open the ears of the deaf and to resurrect the dead who litter this desert; no, Wisdom will not show Herself to a crafty soul; She will come to instruct only the poor and the simple and pour out all Her Works on them, for these very souls know how to fear Me, the Lord, and cherish My Word; what greater gift then than bringing Her all the way to your doorstep? what greater joy than Her smile on you? what greater delight than hear Her sing to you Her New Song of Love? rejoice then creation! for I Am at your very doors …

this Joy had been reserved for your times, generation, when Satan and all his empire together with his worldwide authority are escalating to the peak of their power in My Church and in all nations, together with the false prophet, whose footsteps you hear clearer and clearer every day and everywhere; they are armed to the teeth to make war against My Church and all those who obey My Commandments;

I have reserved, beloved children, for your times, this Celestial Manna given by My Spirit; it is this hidden manna1 I had reserved for times of wilderness and iniquity; it is the food of the poor and those who are starved, and I promise you, they will receive as much as they want to eat and to them I shall confer My New Name; it is this Heavenly Food I am pouring from Heaven, it is the outpouring of My Holy Spirit, filling your interior desert; it is Love speaking to a hostile world; it is Love knocking on every locked door; it is Love calling from the other side of the Wall separating us, built up by My enemies; it is Love pleading as a beggar for: a return of love … a smile … a regret … a sigh … it is I:

the Sacred Heart;

I come once more to revive this dying flame in your heart into a Consuming Fire of Tenderness and Love; I descend to outpour lavishly all the Treasures of My Heart on you, humanity … and give light to those who live in darkness and the shadow of death;

I come to break in splinters the doors of your dungeons and with My Flame melt your chains of sin;

I come to free you from your captivity and your iniquity and end up your debaucheries; I mean to save you, generation; even if I must drag you all the way to the desert and speak to you, showing you your aridity and how your whole body is filled up with darkness, I shall do it to save you; ah, creation! what will I not do for you … My Spirit is upon you and It will rest on you forever and ever; so open up your hearts and let Me fill you with My Grace;

come and draw your strength from Me, strengthen your roots in Me, for what will you do then on the day of tribulation if your roots are frail? you will sway in the wind and be torn away with the violence of the storm, and your branches will snap off like thin glass; no, you will be unable to survive; come to Me then and thrive in My Riches so you do not fade away; come to Me as you are; do not wait to be saints to come to Me; come to Me as you are and I shall forgive your sins and purify your soul;

I shall then dress you with My Divinity for the sake of My Holy Name to prepare you for our spiritual Wedding; I, the Lord, intend to wed you in My Glory and make you, generation, entirely Mine; I mean to make you find the Way and guide your feet away from tortuous paths; I will prepare you to be Mine forever and for all eternity;

today, I am bending from Heaven all the way to you out of Love and Mercy; but at the same time, My Soul is sorrowful and in sheer grief to find My lambs and My sheep, some of them scattered, others lost and others devoured by wolves hiding under lamb skins; so do not be surprised of My visit to you because every day that passes, you will see Me more and more until you will meet Me face to face;

I will come in flaming fire to sweep away all who do not acknowledge Me as their God and I am telling you: time is pressing, the hours are fleeing and the Day of My Glory is soon with you; do not be one of those who say: “well, where is this Coming?”, “where is this Promise?” – My Coming is soon and My Promise is on its way to being fulfilled and your waiting will be shortened for the sake of My Mother’s prayers, together with all My saints’; so then, My beloved, while you are waiting, reconcile and live holy so that I will find you at peace;

I shall be coming very soon now as Love; everything soon comes to an end, and one day you will all have to answer Me and give Me your accounts; so what will happen to the wicked and to the sinner? and what will happen to those who continue to offend Me? I am Faithful and True and My Promise will come true; I shall not delay;

for as much as you hear the footsteps of the false prophet and his clan on the surface of this earth, all the more will I make you hear My Own Footsteps to wipe off with My Blood the traces of venom they leave on their path for you as bait; this Rebel and his clan are thriving now; concealed in robes of High Priest, concealed as lamb, concealed as the Truth, to deceive many and lead them all to their death;

I am not speaking in parables now but in direct words; the Times are here, those Times foretold in Scripture, when My enemies will be conferring a title that does not belong to Me and is not Me: a false Christ, a lifeless image, a false god; an idol, subtly hidden under a false ecumenism: the Lance’s Blade which lies deep in My Sacred Heart and causes so much bleeding … by sword they will force you to eat their defiled food: a portion of Rationalism one day and a portion of Naturalism the other day, and so on; aping the Truth, My Word, Wisdom and the language of My Cross; but fire will come on them from Heaven and consume him and his clan; this is sure and will come true;

I am telling you all these things, beloved ones, so as to warn you from these false teachers and human doctrines, and to tell you that in these coming days of tribulations, My Sacred Heart, which is on Fire, will continue to pursue you; as the beggar hoping for alms, I too will be hoping to win your heart before the coming of darkness befalls you;

I bless each one of you, leaving My Sigh of Love sealed on your forehead; I, Jesus Christ, Beloved Son of God and Saviour, leave you with My Peace wholeheartedly; I love you Infinitely, be one;