June 6, 1991

When my spirit becomes cold
and I fall in a kind of lethargy, Lord,
and when I become so ill disposed
to dialogue with You and meet You in this special way,
do I, like a leaf, wither and dry slowly
before Your very Eyes?

I have been waiting for you … I had been speaking to you, soul, but all I heard from you was, silence … give Me your attention, soul, I have so much to say to you and arouse your interest; lethargy? then cry out to Me! I shall breathe on you and the ice will melt;

Lord, there are times when the Light You have given me seems to vanish behind obscure smoke.

child, your voice can carry as far as Heaven and all the way to My Throne, so cry out to Me and like a flash in the clouds I shall answer: “here We1 are, We shall hear your petition;”

Then come now and rescue me,
fill my lamp with oil,
breathe on me to revive me,
imbue me with Your fragrance of myrrh,
perfect me in Your Presence,
show Your kindness on me …

do not withhold your question; speak, child! 2

What You do to me with so much
Love, Faithfulness and Mercy,
will You not do it to everyone of Your children,
who are in the same need as I am?

be blessed! 3 I God shall come and rescue each one of you; I shall not allow My Church4 to pine away; generation, I mean to save you … but not by menace or disaster, anger or blame; I mean to save you, generation, by enveloping My Love and Mercy around you to cover your nakedness; I am sending you My Holy Spirit lavishly upon you so that your spirit filled with My Spirit cries out to Me:


today, tears of Blood flood My Eyes from the deafness of My creation; a most obstinate spirit has penetrated into My Domain; 5 their soul is fainting within them; I look into what was once My Faithful City6 to see her today become a harlot’s!

Lord! Your Reign, has it not yet begun?

write this: “happy are those who are invited to the wedding feast of the Lamb”; 7 My Reign has begun in many hearts already; I have espoused these souls to Me making them new, 8 and I tell you: My Spirit of Truth will continue to swarm over My whole creation and besiege City after City, 9 and the obscenities, the iniquities and all the impurities to be found within them, I, with My Own Hand, shall extirpate; I shall extirpate all that had been planted by Folly with the Fire I will send from Heaven; daughter, the first heaven and the first earth shall disappear10 and each one of you shall be renewed by the Love of My Holy Spirit; I shall change the face of this world;

Is this what You mean by the renewal of Your Church, the renewal of ourselves, because we are the Church? The New Jerusalem?

pupil, you have said well; you are all My Church, My Sanctuary citadel, 11 My Domain, My City, My Property, My Jerusalem; I shall renew City after City12 with My Fire of Love; I mean to gather you from the four corners of the earth and cure you; I mean to burn with My Fire the disastrous abomination13 installed inside My Temple; 14 the disastrous abomination is: the spirit of Rebellion that claims to be My equal; it is the spirit of Evil that enthroned itself in My sanctuary, 15 taking the place of My Perpetual Sacrifice, 16 turning your generation Godless; it is the spirit of Rationalism and of Naturalism that led most of you into atheism; this is the spirit that makes you believe you are self-sufficient and that you can achieve everything by your own efforts and by your own strength; this disastrous abomination turned you into a waterless country of drought, a desert;

My Perpetual Sacrifice you have abolished from within you because you have lost your faith, generation; how many of you are thirsty for Me? very few come to drink Me, and yet you can drink Me without money; who is hungry for Me? you can have Me free, at no cost at all; yet almost no one is hungry to eat Me; evil has warped your understanding, fascinating your spirit to absorb all that is not Me; instead of absorbing My Light, Satan made you absorb his darkness, instead of becoming radiant and beautiful, you dulled, pining away, and like a withered branch you are now ready to be cut off and thrown on the fire to be burnt;

do not be afraid of Me; I am the River of Life, I am the Way to Heaven, I am the only Truth that leads you to share My Glory for Eternity;

Temple of God! daughter of Mine, walk with Me;

1 The Holy Trinity.

2 Jesus seemed eager to hear the rest of my sentence, which I knew He already knew.

3 Jesus seemed very happy.

4 We are the Church.

5 God means our soul. His Domain where He abides is to be found in the core of our soul, which belongs to God.

6 God means us here. He calls us “City”.

8 Allusion to Rv. 21:5 : “Now I am making the whole of creation new”.

9 God means: Soul after soul.

12 Us.

14 The Temple is us.

15 Sanctuary is us.

16 The Holy Eucharist, Holy Communion.