July 23, 1994


Vassula of My Sacred Heart, I bless you;

treat Me as your friend; never abandon your mission that includes writing; give Me time to write, give Me time to pour on My altar1 My blessings, My myrrh and My anointing oil; give Me time to cover you with My fragrance: incense;

to appease the wrath of My Father pronounce His Name with honour and praise in the Assemblies; I will call2 and you should be aware of My call; have My Peace now and have Me in your mind3 and keep Me in your heart …. 4 friends? hear Me; always remember this: the Messiah had been persecuted, treated too as an impostor, His disciples too; child! you are from Me and since you come from the Messiah, you shall suffer too as He suffered, not that I had not warned you before, this is just a reminder;

1 We can be the altar of God.
2 Call for a message.
3 Which means the prayer without ceasing.
4 There Jesus stopped, then looking at me He asked: “friends?” He meant: “we are still on a deal?”