July 22, 1994

(On the island of Patmos)

Lord, rescue the weak and save the wretched of this world.

peace be with you; grace is upon you;

daughter, My sighs from My Heart are continuous; the humble, the wretched and the innocent have heard Me and they are the consolers of The Consoler; Faithful-Love is among you all but not everyone sees Me; I am putting all My Heart into this1 Love Hymn, I am putting all My Heart into hymns out of love for all of you, good or wicked; I have become a beggar for your sake, and if your God is limping by you and the passers-by do not recognise Me, it is because I am covered by blood and spittle from this generation living in iniquity and sin ….

O earth, so defiled! you ceased to be …. your God has come to you but you have not recognised Him; have you not heard? I am Divine and in My Divinity I want to save you so that you too may join the saints; yet, despite My offer, many of My children do not want to repent nor are they ready to give up their sins, these sins that chain them to everything but Me; – My Soul is full of sighs; yes, tell, daughter, that My sackcloth is soaked in My Blood;

hear Me: today, just as yesterday, the most Holy One is spat upon, scourged by all passers-by, My Holy Cross, the Instrument of your salvation is trodden upon by man daily … ah … I suffer grievously …. today I have opened My reserves in heaven to nourish you abundantly; I am making a road to lead you all to heaven;

I have said: “although this generation has thrust itself so willingly at Satan’s feet, I, the Holy One, can never forget the memory of your creation and how at the memory of this instance My Father had shed tears of joy; this is why I will not stand by and watch this offspring of My Father take the shape of My Enemy; the Enemy may have attraction but it is deadly, whereas what I have to offer will bring you to your divinity and back into your Father’s Arms;”

generation, in your sleep you have been captured and mesmerised by My Enemy; surrounded by his lies you have been mesmerised and your memory, falling into oblivion, sunk into darkness, 2 but I, your God, tell you:

sons! and daughters! you are the offspring of the Most High! you descend from Sovereignty and Splendour, oh come! you belong to Us! 3 you belong to Heaven …. you are of Royal Descent, so why, why do you listen to the Beast? you are blessed in Our Image, not of the Beast’s! you are all meant to walk in the courts of the house of the Mighty One, so, allow Me to clothe you in My Splendour; open your heart and I shall save you!

allow Me to enter My dwelling place4 so that I may embellish it and when I do, I will hurl you out, as one hurls out a net, into this desert and into the valley of death to cry out in My Name: “Love is on the Path of Return; the Day of the Lord is near, nearer than you think! repent! repent and be glad, the trumpet of the sixth angel will soon be heard to fulfil the warnings of God; hurry and repent to obtain the Lamb’s Seal on your forehead;” this is what you will say; you will be My Throne and I, the theme of your praises, and under the eyes of My Enemy I will give you a valiant heart to conquer him and his followers in this battle of the end of Times;

this is all for now, daughter; I bless you and everyone who is with you; My Name is:

the Amen;

1 True Life in God.
2 Suddenly the Lord raised His Voice saying what follows.
3 The Most Holy Trinity.
4 Our heart.