January 11, 2021

Yahweh, Father of all, reveal to this dying world Your Holy Face, and come upon our wretched spirit!

I Am; peace be with you, indeed, long for Me, every day of your life! I, Yahweh, am on your side and I rejoice when you call Me! delight of My Heart, never cease longing for Me; be like a thirsty ground yearning for Me; be unshakeable in your faith; come, pour out your supplications to Me, and I will hear them; unfold from your heart all your problems and I will give them, counsel;

daughter, look above, where your Home is, yes, look upwards to apply your heart to the Truth; now hear Me:

My Presence to you is a great gift but so it is for all humanity; there are so many good things that I have given you, Vassula, during the period of your childhood but your memory has effaced them from your spirit; yet, I will remind you: when you were a babe, I held you in My Arms, in My Embrace,1 lifting you to Me as a father who delights in his child, I, who am above your earthly father for I am your Creator, delighted every time I held you in My Embrace, lifting you up from your crib to the joyous laughter of My Angels! I fondled you with Love while you were smiling at Me; and as a father who speaks to his babe, I spoke to you telling you: “I will bind you to Me forever, little one, I will guide your steps to Me in all the years to come, and I will watch over you when you lie; and when dawn comes, I will talk to you with Instruction and Wisdom, reminding you that I Am your Father and that you are Mine; that you descend from Me and that you are My seed; I will level the ground for you when you will become My Bearer; I willed with delight to refresh and sharpen your memory of Me;2 a seed coming from Me that I intended in good time to plant in the middle of this generation;

yes, indeed, I had created you amid this generation for My purpose; I called you to unfold My Salvific Plan to you, telling you with pain in My Heart that I will be sending you out from My Embrace to speak in My Name, but in doing so, you will be treated by the world as an imposter; when you had asked ‘why’? I replied: ‘clay is known to wash away with the first drops of rain, but your soul will never die;’ 3 these were My Words to you; I added however, that I would be enriching you with courage and zeal so that you, in spite of your frailty, you would never falter nor fear; you would grain the world tirelessly with My seeds together with Me;

and lo, you will be as well My sacrifice; I had to choose one of you to be My sacrifice and to be so, I dispatched all fear from you, so that your tongue becomes as pure as silver while you would be repeating My Words; My Love, for this generation, surpasses all boundaries, My Love will continuously be pouring out of My Throne on you all like cascades of glittering diamonds, and I, as an eager beggar standing at a cross-road, will be begging for alms of love from all the passersby as they would be passing going to their lawless intentions, dwindling away like a shadow, listless and lost;

My Son’s cries will be heard from above at the same time, calling out to them as well: “oh come! come and eat My Divine Bread and drink from My Divine Wine, that I have prepared for all generations! so that you may be healed and live, beloved! leave the treasures of this world for they will give you no benefit! come to Me for you will be acquiring Wisdom and Wisdom will show you the Way to the Truth and to Life; My cry is going out to you, sons and daughters of the Most High; have you not heard that the one who finds Me, finds Life? I am the Portal to Eternal Life, so come!”

I recall the days You called me, and now I reflect on all that You did for us; may You be blessed, Yahweh and Jesus!

My child, many will oppress Me for they do not know Me nor do they understand Me; in your days, I stoop from on high to reach all of you, I walk in the dust, in search of My wretched sons and daughters who walk in the dust of sin, to lift them and bring them over to a place that I had reserved for them where they will be clothed in purity; a place where Eternal Blessings are being poured ceaselessly; do not remain in the dust of sin and isolated, generation, for it will do you no good if you remain disconnected to Me, remaining thus you are dead, since in remaining separated from My Spirit, who is the Life Giver and who enlivens and moves you, you will remain as a corpse, so come and be grafted on My Spirit that you may live!

I would pray that all of humanity enters Your Portals and enter into Your Royal Courts so that they praise Your Holy Name in all eternity, for Yahweh is Goodness Itself, His Love everlasting!

come! rely on Me, I will confer copiously My Blessings to all those who seek Me, and I will pour My Name as oil on them to revive their soul; blessed are those who in their free will embrace Me for they will be transfigured into Light; come, daughter, may you be Blessed; Love loves you;

1 God made me understand that this was a mystical experience; sometimes, you see babies looking up and smiling with delight, and I do believe their soul is communicating then with God and with the angels

2 Which God did, indeed He reminded me when He first approached me saying that He is my Father. My strong feeling was that somehow we had met before, that I knew Him!

3 I understood then that we, who are made out of clay, our body will die when the time comes and will turn into dust, but our soul will never die, so for God it was not important our earthly death, but what counted for Him was that our soul that never dies comes to Him, to live with Him eternally