December 2, 2020

Since You first visited me, my feet have tried to pursue a straight path, and I have been trying to follow Your Footprints ever since; by opening my ear a little, I have received Your Instructions and Your melodious Hymn of Love, learning how to love;

I have earnestly sought what was right, and my very core yearning to pursue Your Will, I locked my hands on You, clinging on You, determined not to let You go, You, whom my heart loves; Your School has taught us Instruction, and Your Royal Courts: Wisdom; You have offered us lavishly Wisdom; I give thanks to You, my Lord and King;

Illustrious and Majestic, the heavens and earth are Yours with all its inhabitants as well, they are Yours and all that is lavishly on it; in these last days You are bringing to Your people a Message of Peace; You are fulfilling the Scriptures that the ‘world of the past will be gone’ 1 and while sitting on Your Throne You are saying: ‘now I am making the whole of creation new’;2 You are the Most High, the Great King of the whole universe; show us how frail we are in front of Your Majestic Power; we are not even a speck of dust, remind us that we are only a puff of wind, that never lasts on earth forever! bring us back to our senses

My daughter, I Am is by your side; write down My Words:

let Me remind you: the moment your spirit had acknowledged Me as your Saviour, which is the perfect virtue, you were born of Me, and I, your God, since then delighted in you and you in Me; I made it known to you that you were always Mine; that day 3 you had experienced and had acknowledged My Power, I had allowed the scales of your eyes to drop briefly making you conscious of My Bounty and of how I held the entire Universe in the palm of My Hand, and that every existing thing created is within Me; you dreaded when you felt My Power, for in these few moments you understood that I Am indeed the Godhead, who holds in the palm of My Hand, Life and Death; and yet, at the same time, I am Meek and Tender and Gentle of Heart; I am All Merciful and My Love to you all is unconditional;

happy the man who puts his trust in Me!

Lord! let everyone who lives desire one thing: to seek to live in Your House and enjoy Your Sweetness, O God, and to enter Your Royal Courts of Instruction and become a true disciple of Your Love;

I never ceased to call everyone to pay tribute to Me and worship Me in My Sacred Courts, where Instruction will be given to you, teaching you that all My Works are good; indeed, My Works are great, past all reckoning, marvels beyond all counting;

even a single moment standing on the doorsteps of Your Royal Courts is worth more than all what we obtained here on earth through our lifetime; let alone if we are invited within Your Royal Courts! – yet, now l notice that in Your Voice, Beloved, there is a tone of sorrow; I am listening, what is my Lord saying?

ah… Vassula, Vassula, today My people, are going through the Valley of Death, the earth has lost its peace, and is withering away from its apostasy; all that comes from the earth returns back to the earth; a deadly breath has slid over the face of the earth and upon its people; I had augmented callings through My Messages given to you, so that you thirst looking for Me, generation, and to seek earnestly My Holy Splendour; but you preferred to go on your own evil way; My Father’s wrath is reaching bursting point as earth withers away; the earth is tired of its people and the people too are tired of this earth that does not give them what they thought their due; the day is near when in despair they will be calling to the mountains, ‘come! cover us!’ and to the hills, ‘fall on us!’ 4 but now the time is near, the time of My Return, that is ever so imminent;

little do you know generation, that soon, very soon, My Light will be seen in the sky; trembling with fear will grip those who disdained Me; cheers of joy will rise from all those who never stopped loving Me; these will all take shelter in the shadow of My Wings, for My saving help is Loyal; the world, after that Sign will never be the same;

in Scriptures You compare us sometimes like grass, sprouting and flowering in the morning then withering and dying before dusk; showing us that our life span is so short;

if you live in My Shelter, you need not fear, if you find your Shelter underneath My Wings you will be guarded and you will remain unscathed; I protect whoever knows My Name, whoever calls out My Name, and they   need not fear; I will lead you then to My Royal Courts where you will flourish with Instruction and Wisdom; and you will remain fresh and green so that you will proclaim to the world My Righteousness and My Saving help; You will be My Scroll, on which I would be writing My Precepts, My Law, and My Decrees that will never alter; and while you, My beloved, will be resting in My Courts, I will be proclaiming My Love to you with the music of My Ivory Lyre, and to the rippling sound of My Golden Harp;

Your Hymn is a Hymn about Compassion and Kindness, teaching us to advance in Your House with purity in our hearts, because You are a King that judges right; a King who loves Justice; and I delight being with You in this way in Your Royal Courts with this gift You have given me!

in your nothingness My child, I can be everything! all that you lack I fill! see how I delight being with you? daughter, I needed a heart that receives Me in simplicity of heart and with love, and in which I could have My rest in it and hide from the clamour of the world; I keep My distance from perverted hearts; proud hearts, I cannot tolerate these; I am not moved either by eloquence of words nor am I touched by their utterance, but I delight in a contrite heart; I have been crowning this generation with love and tenderness, in spite of their wickedness;

My beloved, I will keep breathing in you My Breath of Life, to infuse in you a constant desire to be thirsting for Me, and to be under My perfumed Light so that in your turn you will perfume your Bridegroom; remind everyone too that the Lord God knows those who are His Own and so allows them to come near Him and enter in the core of His Heart which is your Holy Abode;

Lord! I remember Your words to me, while in the Holy Land visiting Your Holy places where You lived, at the end of our retreat I thanked you in this way: ‘I thank you Lord for bringing us here in Your home where You lived;’ and Your immediate response to this was: ‘My home? what home? My Home is in Heaven and so is yours

altar! countless times I will be reminding you where you belong, and to whom you belong, and where will be your final destination and your abode; tireless hours I will be teaching you the reason of your being; day in and day out I will keep reminding you that I am your Mystical Cup that surges a Lifegiving Spring within you; Paradise is your Home, the Home of those I perfumed with My Breath; I had told you once that I will offer you Life through Grace; for Grace is like a lustrous light that leads you to share in the Divine Life; I am giving Myself, in your times, like never before in history, ever so graciously, and the freer you will be giving yourself to Me all the more you will be receiving of Me;

I do not come to anyone with sword by My side, nor do I use to educate you with rigid formulations; for this is not My way of instructing you, nor is it My way of raising you into Saints and Martyrs, but the flow of My Word given to you, that is sweeter than the nectar, will be ringing in your heart; My converse will be sweeter than the honeycomb; why, to educate you, I raise you with Virtue and Religion; this is the way I treat My souls! blessed are those who are eagerly looking for Me, I will fill their soul with ineffable joy, beautiful as a field of lilies and daffodils in the brightness of My Light, they will be;

Lord, it is written that: happy is the man You choose, whom You invite to live in Your Courts; my soul longs to pass the threshold of Your Royal Courts where I would find myself kneeling in Your Presence, You, the King of Glory, the Irresistible One, for Loyalty and Nobility are Your insignia; Your appearance, a formidable sight, vested in Glory, Your Majestic Robes covered with gold and sapphires; You who govern with great lenience to enlighten and instruct the souls who approach You with a contrite heart, hear our prayers today, come and enlighten the souls that roam listlessly as one who is lost in a forest of sin, and who do not even know You; pour abundantly Your Mercy on them, anoint them with oil of gladness on their head, make them Yours; enflame their cold heart to raise their eyes on Your Majesty to discover Your Holy Countenance, Your awesome Beauty!

I tell you solemnly, if they will open their heart and receive Me, with gladness I will receive them and beautify them; I will be perfecting their soul; I will pull them away from the forest of sin and will lead them to the Threshold of My Royal Courts where they will be able to choose; My angels will be accompanying them all the way, and they will have to choose, between Light and Darkness; if they choose Light, they will be falling in My Embrace, and all what was formerly tainted in their soul, will be washed away and forgiven, but all those who have not responded to My Calls and to the Truth, will remain contemptuous towards Me for they would have preferred to remain in the Dark; it is written 5 that though I came into the world spreading My Light into the world, men have shown they prefer Darkness to the Light because their deeds are evil; indeed, everybody who does wrong hates the Light and avoids it, for fear his actions should be exposed; but the man who lives by the Truth comes into the Light, so that all he does may be seen that it is done in God;

Your Words my Lord and King, superlative honey; blended incense from incense-bearing trees the scent of Your splendid Garments, encrusted with every precious stone; Your Presence, glorious perfection; when You open Your lips a Ray of Light so pure pervades and permeates all things; unrivalled in Beauty, how can anyone resist You? indeed, Your Spirit fills the whole world; Unique, Irresistible, Almighty, and more!

be My appeasing Fragrance, Vassula, sweet is the melody of your praises to Me, a balm in My Wounds, like a lily by a freshet of water, like a sprig of frankincense, privileged one of My Father, receive My Blessings;

do not ever desert me, so that I continue to praise Your Holy Name unceasingly in these godless times, help me to uphold the cause of religion, help me in rebuilding the ruins and fragments of the Church; You know that I am helpless without You by my side; I could say much more and still fall short;

exalt Me in your praises, My beloved, until now you have seen only a few of My Works, be docile as I want you to be, put all your heart into your prayers to turn them into music to My Ears; hear Me, the good Works will never be forgotten; praying for mankind is to shed blood; since the world refuses to repent, your prayers for mankind are looked upon as a repentance for the whole world; restore My House, fill it with fruit, even if they treat you harshly, be like a lily, a lily among the thistles, never abandon My Precepts!

keep me under Your Wings, Lord! why does man suffer on earth, even those who are innocent?

if man suffers on earth, it is because the world lacks love… love is missing… love is the key to My Kingdom, had they followed My Commandments and followed My Word and its teachings, they would not have suffered; the Holy Spirit does not dwell in a crafty soul, but shies away from that soul; if souls are puffed up with pride how do you expect that the Holy Spirit finds His dwelling in these souls? men fall because of their pride, for grace forsakes them, but anyone who strives to find the Truth, will find Me; have I not said in Scriptures, ‘ask and it will be given to you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you? for the one who asks always receives; the one who searches always finds; the one who knocks will always have the door opened to him!’ 6 so, if anyone lost Me from his sight, let him repent! repentance will bring all things right and the repentant will obtain forgiveness, freedom, and will be filled with My Sweetness; their heart will be filled with peace, and with blessedness the rest of their life; I will then bring them in the Garden of My Delights where I saturate these souls with My Love and with ineffable Blessings, keeping them alive; I will join Myself to them and they will join themselves to Me; such an act of Mercy will be given to them and they will behold themselves as one with Me, divinized by Me; this will be the fruit of their repentance, a perfect mystical Nuptial Union;

Lord! You said that, if we pray for mankind it is as though we are shedding our own blood for them; because it will be a love without self-interest, since the world refuses to repent, our prayers for mankind will be looked upon as a repentance for the whole world?

yes, daughter, it will be the remedy of sin, and the gate to forgiveness; the night will flee, and a resurrection will occur; this is the reason why I have been asking you to pray for sinners, so that My Mercy comes upon them; I do not want to deprive any soul from My Blessedness, from entering into My Kingdom; I am burning with desire to forgive them, for My Love can never be satisfied; satisfy Me, Vassula, with ardent prayers said with love; let your prayers be like incense, or like a banner of love, for I will be unable to resist your love; come do not allow doubts to haunt you, I am now into your room, near you, to turn your days as a wedding feast; I will never deprive you of My Presence! lean on Me and voice My Words to the world, Love loves you… ic


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3 March 7, 1988

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