January 27, 2021

ah Vassula ! come and join Me, did you not notice how My Love for you is overflowing from My Heart? as much as I love you, so do I love all the others; yes 1  I allowed you to see within Me how I bleed with pain and sorrow for this dying generation; many lie in the blackness of misery, in distress and in darkness, helpless and without hope, instead of turning their gaze upward towards Me to obtain relief and hope and fill their heart with joy; some still play brazen, ignoring the sound of bitterness from their Creator…

today the world is collecting what they have sown, their harvest is misery, but so many of them do not even realize why they feel so unhappy and empty, they are not conscious that they have become slaves and part of this materialistic world; how am I not to feel sorrowful? I have revealed My Holy Face out of Compassion through these Messages, but in different ways as well, to shine on this generation and wake them up; I have given signs and portents in every nation and yet, in spite of all these signs many still have a worldly spirit and many more have a lethargic spirit; they are neither hot nor cold, I wish they were one or the other; but since are neither, but only tepid, they have become slaves of this dying world;

My Church that needed to be consolidated still lies divided, and the shepherds unreconciled, deaf to My Calls for unity and for uniting the dates of Easter, for many of them put the letter of the Law before the heart of the Law; can I be happy with these shepherds who become an obstacle to unity?

My Love to you all was revealed when I came to the world so that through Me, who am the Life, you would be able to live; so, what could I have done more that I have not done? Vassula, do you know how My Heart bleeds to see My children so miserably scattered?

I am the Christ who is Love;

I am the Word and the Life and anyone who lives in Me and I in him has life; I have never left you; when I returned to the Father I kept My Promise never to leave you as orphans, but to send you the Paraclete, the Spirit of Truth who will be My Witness; I also said that I will always be with you, and live among you and remain with you till the end; 2  how many people in their short-sightedness know that I, who am the Sublime Glory, am among you and have always been with you? 3  and yet, many are snared for they spend their life into selfish passions and are unable to understand, in their egocentric life; friendly only to the world, while having thus chosen this passing world, they have distanced themselves from Me; distanced themselves from the Truth and the Eternal Life! today’s world more than ever lies in the power of the Evil One, dominated by him;

show Your Power of Your Arm, and pull down every destructive hand, overcome Your Enemy, You are known to have overthrown Kings and Kingdoms when these who are angels of darkness were obstructing Your way; let Your Mercy shower on us blessings on our misery! for there are good people among those who ignore You and hate You and who sow only seeds of evil; come and console Yourself with those who love You to distraction, take Your rest in them;

I will! 4  for nothing is impossible to Me; I am watching and observing from above, how many souls are abstaining themselves from food and drink, constantly offering Me sacrifices and doing penance for the sake of those who do not love Me, for the sake of those who never invoke Me, these good souls are atoning for the sins of the world; they rely on Me, and everything they do they do it with love for My Glory; they renounced the world and they became My Own; this alone turns the deserts fertile, and into lush springs; many of their prayers are heard and I rejoice hearing them for they put their trust in Me, and I in My turn give them the Grace to become unshakeable, so that no torrent, when it comes, will be able to sweep them away; invoking My Name to rescue those who do not know Me, they offer unceasing prayers to Me, and I, who am Tenderhearted, listen to their petitions and I execute them;

Vassula, see? now you are well again…5 as I cured you, in this same way I will cure many more; once you were living in darkness and gloom, but see? see how easily I have forgiven you? forgiving is healing of the soul; I am perfecting your love, step by step, and because you have come to Me willingly, when Judgment day comes, you should not fear to face Me;

these are the End of Times when darkness appears to be prevailing, but be reassured that soon, even though today’s world lies in the power of the Evil One, be reassured and know that My Return is imminent, because the Triumph of My Mother and Mine are nearer than you think; yet, before this Triumph, the world would have to go through expiating their crimes and repenting, crimes that could bring the earth to shake and tremble while the stars would be losing their brilliance from the columns of smoke, devouring its inhabitants in a blazing fire; for they 6  have scattered My sheep because of their division, unwilling to bend in humility and love to unite; My House in its division has been brought down to ruin; let a year or two pass you by and you will see… 

in these past years, Vassula, I have given enough evidence to testify that I am the Author of True Life in God, for this is the Treasure I had been reserving for these End of Times, when the world would be turning cold towards Me, this is the Wealth of My Word being poured out profusely from the depths of My Sacred Heart, cleansing this world of sin; but as it was in the past, so it is today, you have your own false prophets that have surged among you creating havoc, distributing their falsehood among you; remember My parable which I had given you of the darnel? when the enemy came in the field of wheat by night to sow darnel among the wheat? well, the time is close that the darnel together with the wheat will be collected during harvest time; then I will send My angels to separate the wheat from the darnel and have the darnel burnt, but the wheat will be collected and brought safely to My House;

you are persecuted and misunderstood? 7  child! I had told you in the past, that this is because My Spirit is resting on you; therefore, you are privileged; I had proven it to you so many times by appearing on you! when people saw Me on you they cried out to you: ‘truly, God is hidden in you!’ so those who judge you with falsehood and injustice are wrong; have I not said, that no one should judge people from the outside, as none of you are able to read or probe anyone’s heart as I am able? this is why I taught My disciples never to judge others;

judging belongs to God not to man;

daughter, let Me remind you that since you are grafted on Me, you will not be harmed by any tempest coming your way, nor by any snake bite,8  for you are grafted on the True Vine, the Vine that nourishes you and strengthens you; now and then My Father enjoys pruning you to bear even more fruit, therefore, remain in Me, remain in My Love, and no one will harm you; I have been shepherding you and many others, in the right Path, the Path of Virtues; ask Me, generation, to open the Gates of Virtues, so that you may all enter in your Home in the end; these Virtues will lead your soul gradually to perfection;

in your days, I am forming new Apostles, to safeguard My Bride 9  forming them with a prophetic spirit, who 10 will be extoling Me to the nations, walking in My Law, schooled by Me with graciousness, with knowledge beyond their understanding, they will reprove the arrogant who reject My warnings and My Calls to Unity,  they will discipline the reckless and bring back those who strayed away; I will be shielding them with My Hand, filling their mouth with My Words, while I will be smiling on them, contented with their work; most of them are insignificant to the world but great before Me and My Angels; many of them are persecuted, harassed and mocked upon, expelled from within My Church and diminished by My own priests, spat upon by blind guides, but the more they receive venomous spit in their face, all the more I will exalt them;

how long will the Churches 11  yet be closed and unable to give to Your flock the Bread and Wine of Immortality?  and when will they function normally?

not until My Father cries out, ‘enough! enough!’ that day, people will cry out, ‘see, this is our God’s action, in whom we hoped for relief and salvation;’ and the clamour of the proud will be subdued… never to rise again; and as in the past when My Father talked to Moses, Aaron and Samuel in the pillar of cloud, My Father’s Voice will be heard in every righteous heart showing them that He is a God of forgiveness who wipes out all your guilt, a God who loves and cares for you, He will show His saving power, all the way to the remotest parts of the earth; until that day comes, rejoice while you are in constant prayer; feed on My divine Bread and Wine and I will bring you Home;

I put my hope in Your Name that is so full of kindness and tenderness, pleading You that I may remain in the House of Yahweh, my Father, to grow like an olive tree in His Courts, producing fruit, while growing;  

My wretched bride, I shall not withhold My kindness from anyone, and since your soul thirsts for Me your God, you will remain in My Courts; I have put this Hymn of Love in your mouth, a hymn of praise to Me, your God, to bless My people, around the world, and remind them that I am their Rock, their Saviour, and their Hope; keep your mind, therefore, on Me, enraptured in contemplation to Me, your God, never leaving Me from your sight;

Love is by your side and loves you; ic


1 At that moment Christ made me feel His Love; no one, not me either will be able to understand the greatness of Christ’s Love, it is beyond all things, for at that moment I sensed that Christ’s Love is exuberant, and no words no matter how much one tries to define and describe the greatness of His Love, one will always fall short of words!

2 In this passage Christ means His Presence in the Holy Eucharist

3 In the Holy Eucharist

4 The Lord here means, that He will show the Power of His Arm and overcome the Enemy

5 After the Lord visiting me back in 1985, when I was then ignoring God. Jesus had to come Himself and revive my soul and heal me

6 The word ‘they’ I believe He means ‘His shepherds’

7 By the Greek Orthodox priests

8 I understood this as symbolic, like harmed in an evil way by man

9 Christ means His Church

10 The new Apostles

11 Several Greek Orthodox Churches as well as others