August 27, 2009

Vassula read to the people who participated in the 7th Ecumenical Pilgrimage of TLIG “In the Steps of St. Paul – Biblical Greece” a message she had received from the Lord a few days previously (27 August 2009). Here is the message:

“I am not only the Author of this great work but today I am leading you to embellish My Church; I want during these days to fill your mind, your heart and your entire being with all that I Am so that you progress in My Divine Love; as for all the afflictions you suffered under My Name and all that you are undergoing for My Sake, My Father will put aside all of your negligence and I will fill where you lacked; may you be blessed for your noble act of love, remain united and become the perfect icon of unity; and … as you know, My power is at its best in weakness; rejoice and be glad and add a smiling face to all that I have given you! shine in this darkness and keep drawing the Fire from My Sacred Heart; be enamoured of My Cross so that your flame does not die out; be the perfect image of My Father; My Mercy is great and upon you all; be one under My Name.”