November 28, 2009

Lord, here is Your servant; wash me clean of my faults, for only You can detect my failings;

My child, peace be with you; leave Me, your God, speak to you now; – lean on Me; when I speak I summon the earth, your friends are My friends who devote themselves to this ministry; again today I renew My calling to all of them; I remind them that their Master and God is at their door, waiting;

what is needed today is a fervent spirit, an ambassador’s heart, one who gives no offence to anyone in anything, one who has a meek heart, much tolerance in tribulations, sensitive to the wretched, enrichment to the agnostics; I need a disciple’s tongue, and I will put My Spirit within them and give them a new heart; I will then multiply the fruit of this Vineyard; yes?

as You know, Lord, we have oppositions;
our labour is constantly attacked;
we are constantly slandered;
consider my enemies; for they keep
multiplying in numbers; some truly
hate me with an unjust hatred;

the innocent and just have followed
Your instructions; yes, there are
some who became ambassadors
because they believed in Your Calling;

Lord, You have saved many from
their oppressors in the past;
how long will we wait?
You have tried me and others,
You have examined us with fire
and we all walked with faith;

we are at Your service always ready
to hear Your Voice to pass on
the wondrous Logos 1

Vassula, my child, is your patience running thin?

I don’t know; maybe …

Vassula, My tabernacle, trust Me, no enemy will ever triumph over you;

I think I have never given in and I
behaved myself in front of my persecutors
as if they were my friends; I am not
asking for rewards or honour, but I am
asking You, Lord, of reinforcement;

My harp, during your miseries I beautify you; I confound your persecutors while I am subduing their tone;

so let them remain confounded;
let them be confused;

reinforcement you will get; I will send My Angel to chase them; hear Me: I will uphold you with My Hand; I shall continue to put My Words in your mouth; and as for you, pray for them; ask Me to give them light and My Truth; so now, daughter, incline your ear, listen to My Heart beats; I am vexed with My people 2 who will celebrate Christmas again without My Holy Name; many have turned aside, all alike are tainted; have they not read, ‘God scatters the bones of the apostate, they are disgraced, for God rejects them 3; the world has nothing to offer; their love is based on falsehood, it is based on self-love, lust, sensual love, love for Mammon, love in promoting wrong morals; haughty looks! their tombs will be their eternal home; their everlasting residence, and yet, My Heart pains Me to watch this generation collapse and wither away; always trying to think of new designs of rebellion, constantly resisting to the Holy Spirit;

in Judgment Day I will call upon those who transformed My Words to you, misinterpreting them, into a mockery while I was communicating with you; I have entrusted My Words of Life to you to hand them over to My Churches; they in their turn refused to listen to Me; they sneered at you and threatening you they pushed you aside;

I ask My Churches: have you known of any prophet your ancestors never persecuted? I have put you a weak instrument in charge of My House, an instrument from Egypt to look after My Interests, coming from the desert as a sign of today’s desolation in My Church to proclaim My Kingdom and bring My people around one Altar;

in many people’s sight I have proven My Power and My accomplishments; I stirred up nations as I had foretold you and gathered them under My Name, from East to West, North and South, to this day;

happy the man who has humbled himself and proven his poverty in spirit; they have understood the multitude of My Mercies and the supply of spiritual food I have been giving with abundance to this starved generation;

– address Me, Vassula in this way:

‘Tender Father, lash not Your wrath
on this generation, lest they perish
lash not on Your flock distress
and anguish; for the waters
will run dry and nature will wither,
all will succumb at Your wrath
leaving no trace behind them,
the heat of Your Breath will put
aflame the earth turning it into
a waste!
from the horizon a star will be seen;
the night will be ravaged and ashes
will fall as snow in winter covering
Your people like ghosts;
take Mercy on us, God, and do
not assess us harshly;
remember the hearts that rejoice
in You and You in them!
remember Your faithful and let not
Your Hand fall on us with force,
but, rather in Your Mercy lift us
and place Your precepts in every
heart; Amen’

when I reproach this generation My anger will blaze on the apostate; I can forgive their misdeeds and their sins but great reparations still have to be done; now the Most High has declared His Words once more and the Verdict announced will depend on your prayers, generation, your works of mercy, your love, and your sharing;

come, Vassula, interpret it for Me; Love loves you ic

1 Word of God

2 The Christians

3 Ps 53:5