October 5, 2008

My Vassula, do not worry, little do you know My Heart; let your love augment in Me; – daughter of My choice, embellish My Church; be filled with everlasting peace and reveal Me in all Churches; show them the magnificence of My Works; tell them how ready I am to forgive them; let them pray to Me every morning this prayer and call out to Me:

‘Lord Jesus Christ,
send Your Light to come upon me,
to free me from all sins;
show me Your Way,
the path that I must take;
here I am like a child
who needs shelter in his mother’s arms;
guide my steps to the Truth;
You are the Truth;
grant me Your Blessings to recover,
heal me with Your Love and Tenderness,
hear my sigh, O Lord and
replenish my soul leading my soul
to the waters of Life;’ Amen

– and My answer will be:

‘follow Me for I am the Way the Truth and the Life; follow Me!

but be reconciled with the Father and abide in Me; reflect My Glory through your acts of love today as you start your day, repay evil with love, reconcile with those you have still a grudge, make peace, transmit your peace, sin no more, pray all the time; accept and put into practice every Word given in the Scriptures; be a guide of the blind and a light to them, do not judge anyone; be a pattern of My Knowledge and of Truth as embodied in My Law to the uninstructed but with no hardness of heart; do not hesitate to come to Me at anytime for Counsel; Love is always by your side; ic